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Rant and Rave: Harpo on my mind

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Richard A. Harpootlian (copy) (copy) (copy)

Dick Harpootlian. File/John Carlos II

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What’s on my mind is Dick Harpootlian. He speaks for the state in the Senate. But does he know that DHEC does not have police? They go out testing. If you want to police anything, you ought to be policing all the illegal private vendors out there who have taken jobs away from the blind.

Why does the left-wing media have a news blackout on Joe Biden’s mental state? The rest of us can see it plain as day, why don’t they report it?

If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, we’d be in an economic depression right now, because she’d have locked everybody in their house.

This rant is against Jaime Harrison and some of his stupid ads running for Senate. Jaime, if Black lives really matter as much as you probably say they do, and if you are worried about the next generation coming up, why do you still support abortion?

I can’t wait to try the new Cheetos mac and cheese.

He would like his face to be on Mount Rushmore but a better place would be on the side of a train car.

Please use extreme caution on COVID-19 if you are traveling to the USA. They’ve got a bad problem with it and they don’t seem to be getting it under control. Deaths are at 160,000 people gone.

The State Fair this year is only going to be two days. I had wanted to ride the camel.

This is the Tax Dog. If you really care about what your taxes are paying, then you’d be in the city and county meetings. Every contract that comes through the door has to kick back to the procurement office of that public facility?

What is dangerous are people who are more devoted to order than to justice, and who prefer the negative peace, which is the absence of tension, to a positive peace, which is the presence of justice.

The Big Orange says that the Dems, if elected, are going to take our guns. Never going to happen. Has not happened in over 200 years no matter how many times they say it. But Trump says if he is reelected he will defund Social Security. I would rather lose my gun than my retirement. And I am sure he will do it because it hurts the middle class and not the wealthy.

I live in Irmo. I like the area. Great shopping, great restaurants and all that. But, we have an HOA that is very crazy. Case in point. A guy lives on my street who has broken every possible HOA rule for years. The cops come by and take pictures of his yard over and over, but nothing changes. Rumors of drugs, meth lab. You get the picture. Last year the city paid to have an open top put in his yard for clean up. Still a mess inside and out and just as bad as it was for years.

One of the most shocking events in history ended World War II, the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan by the USA. President Trump said the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, ended World War II (in 1945), because “all the soldiers were sick.” He is truly that uneducated and just plain stupid?

If we doubted that our whole planet and all the people in it are connected, COVID-19 has shown us reality. The virus is GLOBAL. It is a small world.

When Trump loses the November election, I understand Putin is going to release Trump’s pee-pee tapes and everything he has on Trump! Something to look forward to!

COMET is going to operate the buses for the University of South Carolina? They can’t even do it right for the City of Columbia, so why are they doing this? Yeah.

Hey, I kind of like Mr. Biden. But I really like his vice president choice. She has fire in her belly.

Back in high school we lived about a mile from Peeler’s Dairy in Gaffney, SC. I still have Harvey Peeler Sr.’s obituary that I cut out from the paper tucked into my Bible. When we were high school kids, they didn’t lock the milk trucks at night and we’d go help ourselves to some milk cartons.

I’m getting old. I got some bigger alphabet soup, because the letters are a little bigger to see.

I just want to say the best thing about 2020 for me is that I now have 2020 vision. It is fantastic. I want to thank the Columbia Eye Clinic for doing a fantastic job. I can see clearly now.

Walmart put a lot of mom-and-pop shops out of business. Now they have nothing on their shelves. I’ve been to three Walmarts today, and their shelves are bare. What’s going on, are they going bankrupt, too?

Kamala Harris is doing this for every little girl who ever had a dream to lock people up for low-level drug offenses and to keep innocent people on death row. Intersectional feminist prison industrial complex. Woke mass incarceration.

I just wanted to say that South Carolina is proof that hillbillies can live on the coastal plains or in the Midlands of a state, also.

I want to go to the beach this weekend. I’ll be a son of a beach.

Why did Marcel Marceau imitate the Statue of Liberty? He was in a New York state of mime.

Yeah, first we have Jakie Knotts as a senator. Now we have Katrina Shealy, who has supported the Lexington County procurement office.

There are little things in South Carolina that I cannot believe goes on. Street signs and addresses, for instance. Where is your street address on your home or business? What happened to most of the street signs? And if they are going to steal them because they are metal, then make them out of wood.

So, Lindsey Graham. How much money is in your budget? Them commercials aren’t cheap, now. Also, I see your sister has a job with the agency for the blind. How much money does she draw?

I just had a comment that anyone even thinking about drinking sanitizer has to be a Trumpy. They have been swallowing bulls#!t for four years and finally decided to wash it down with soap. Hallelujah. Belly up to the bar, boys. I’m buying.

It is my contention that the internet and digital devices are inherently evil. The problem is, the genie is out of the bottle. How do you ever put it back in?

In January 2021, when Biden is inaugurated as our new President, Trump’s title changes from White House president to jailhouse prisoner #00001.

Ain’t it sad that the same dimwits, dumbasses, and lazy morons who have had a gazillion chances to wear masks, social distance and do the right things now cry because of no football? Hey, s#!t for brains, if y’all did right from get-go we’d probably have football, school and everything else. You’re like petulant children who cry, “I don’t wanna eat my veggies!”

I can’t believe Trump sucks up to the religious right by talking about God and waving Bibles around. And they are apparently buying it. He’s about as religious as a pair of jockey shorts. He bragged about groping women. He had at least one affair with his next wife while married to another wife. He lies about EVERYTHING, even if the truth would work better. Is it that Christians love a sinner?

We are obese because we are diabetic. We are diabetic because of chemicals now in our food and water that screw up our metabolism. If you are resistant you are lucky. When I was growing up in the 1960s, Type 2 diabetes was rare. We ate Twinkies and Wonder Bread, drank Coke and we were skinny.

What kind of parents you have and what kind of friends you hang around has more to do with your success or failure than your race.

The president wants to cut payroll taxes. That’s how he presents it. Now, he’s a con man. He’s trying to cut Social Security, which is already on wobbly legs.

I just saw an item on the news where someone said that, before the pandemic, the president was good for the economy. And a lot of people seem to be swallowing that hook, line and sinker. But we’ve added trillions to the national debt.

Poverty, slums, despair, trash, stupidity. Come to South Congaree, we have it all. And so much more.

You wonder if Mr. Mike Pence sees into the future and sees that he will be like Dr. Ben Carson, a man without a country.

What’s on my mind is why the Senate wants to pass a law against blind people?

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