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Rant and Rave: Already breaking down

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South Carolina school bus (copy)

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Yeah this goes out to the governor and the secretary of education. School just started and the school buses are already breaking down. I saw two on the side of the road on the same day.

Yes, I am behind the wheel of a vehicle running 70 miles per hour down the road. But, don’t bother me with having to pay attention to what’s going on with vehicles around me. I’ve got important tweets coming in to my phone!

One thing to take away from the first debate, and you can take that to the bank, is that a conman is a very good talker. If you go look at a timeshare or anything like that, they never quit. Even when you go out to eat, they are still chatting with you. Old Mr. Trump is just a conman.

Morning folks. We are up and dressed. What more do you want?

I was looking at the paper. It said 48 percent of South Carolinians approve of our President Trump. Can those 48 percent tell us what the national debt is?

Remember when South Carolina Public Radio called itself non-commercial? Now in one breath they urge you to become a member, and in the next breath you are chumps to be pimped out to advertisers. Remember when 92.1 was a classical music station? Talk about contempt for listeners.

Dick Harpootlian, yeah he’s running for Senate. He is a two-faced senator who basically wants to take jobs away from blind people.

When I was a kid, we were never rich. But my mom was always home. My dad worked, and she was at home and she had red hair. She didn’t put up with much. And if we went to my grandma’s she had the “board of education” hanging on the wall, right beside the door. You could never miss that as a kid. You were getting paddled if you got out of line.

I learned to fly in the seventh and eighth grade. But if you see a Boeing 737, don’t you dare get on that plane.

People, wear your masks. I don’t know what law enforcement can do or will do about it. I was in a convenience store today and there were seven in line, and four didn’t have their mask on, and the cashier served them just like they served me.

For God’s sake, please, please people, vote for Biden to get rid of this lying, corrupt, military and tax dodger SOB. Can you imagine another four years of this big orange turd?

I noticed the front page of the paper was that Harrison is going to out-raise Graham for Senate. But a while back, the news that Russia did meddle in the 2016 election only made the fourth page.

We have a stable genius running the good ol’ US of A. He’s tested positive for COVID. Now, just watch and see if the stable genius learns to put on a mask or not. I think the whole issue is that everyone knows it will f#!k up his makeup.

Another rave for the Cayce-West Columbia branch of the public library. We just got back there after an absence of seven months and they remembered our names.

Did you know that the sales tax on cars and vehicles is regressive in South Carolina?

The doctor that finally rolled with Trump is a radiologist. I’ve shown X-rays to patients. It’s a piece of cake. I hate that they lie, but that’s a perfect term.

I had a Honda 900 and I’d drive it to see my grandmother in Pennsylvania. I’d play “Purple Rain” over and over.

All of his so-called supporters, like Trump, are actors, fakes, people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Pretenders like he is. These cowboys, bikers, patriots are piles of fake news, false swagger and bravado honed by years of selfish indifference!

I've been trying to get into midget porn, but the videos are always too short.

If farts were contagious, being stuck on a crowded elevator would NOT be very cash money.

If Muschamp was a planet, his name would be Myanus 

I wonder if there's ever been an intervention for someone who was addicted to Viagra. And was he using when he walked in on it?

Donald seems happy with the care he received at Walter Reed Medical Center. You're welcome, Donald. That is socialized medicine and we the citizens pay for your care.    

If Biden wins the White House, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They could have picked any number of qualified candidates but they chose the most incompetent, corrupt person they could find, Donald Trump. Not only that but he has rotted the Republican Party. It will take years to flush out the damage Trump has done to the political system, the country and the world. 

It's not surprising that your treasonous, anti-American rag refused to publish my rant. I wouldn't put your POS paper in the bottom of my birdcage for fear the bird would get contaminated from it.

Ask yourself this question: What does it say about me, as a human being, if I am happy that another human being has contracted COVID-19 and hope that that person dies from it? It says a whole lot more about me than it does about that person.

Choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is like choosing between being stabbed in the back and being stabbed in the front. Wouldn't you rather not be stabbed at all? We should also point out that this is the second time in a row that the Democratic Party has chosen a nominee who voted for the War in Iraq and who supported the 1994 Crime Bill, so I'm wondering if the phrase "lesser of two evils" is really helpful here. Biden has spent decades championing horrible policies. Trump has simply accelerated them and is just incredibly vulgar all of the time. 

Lindsey Graham seems quite taken aback to have a serious challenger for his Senate seat this year. Flip the Senate 2020. That's my battle cry. 

My absentee ballot is in my hand but I don't want to mail it too soon. I would like to make sure that both presidential candidates are still alive close to election day before I choose one. 

It is obvious by now. Wearing a mask during a pandemic signals a lack of worshipping the chosen one, Donald T. Have at it, Republicans. Hold large gatherings indoors. Sit close together. Don't wear masks. Sing, shout and breathe all over each other. Don't be afraid of COVID. Those 210,000 dead people? No worry. 

Since when does doing the RIGHT THING differ with ones political affiliation or skin color?

First Lady Melania, you didn’t have to catch COVID-19 to avoid your husband! We now have shelters available for embarrassed and emotionally mistreated women such as yourself!

So, Trump leaves the hospital after 4-5 days, saying nothing to it, so don’t fear COVID-19 if you catch it. On what planet is this guy living? Hospitals filled with COVOD-19 patients plus 209,000 deaths! Personally questioning whether Trump even had the same virus to which we could be exposed or die from! Suspicious that the Walter Reed hospital trip, the motorcade around the hospital for his fans and the doctors’ news conference info dictated by Trump as part of his political campaign!

I went over to Pelion to do a few errands. It was crowded at the post office, hardware store and IGA grocery store. No workers wore masks. Barely a few customers wore masks. There must not be a pandemic in Pelion. Wear a mask!

There is little to no traffic enforcement in Forest Acres for quite some time. Forest Acres has become the next Darlington speedway. The chief of police couldn't care less even after numerous complaints were expressed to him personally. According to several reliable sources, office morale is piss poor! That comes from having a s#!tty, outdated, over the hill boss. Do us all a favor, chief, and retire!!

(In reference to City Watch, Sept. 30) I enjoy Kevin Fisher’s City Watch and his points on politics. I agree and also find Adair Ford Borough’s political ads refreshing. She educated the electorate about her, why running against Joe Wilson, and entertained us with the humor of her ads (especially her dad). And, to actually have a candidate talk about a balanced budget? Fantastic! Running against a do-nothing guy like Joe Wilson (who’s only fame is rudely yelling “You lie” in a State of the Union speech) is also a plus. I say let’s give the young lady a chance.

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