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Sound Off: SCANA Head Is Out of Touch

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So, Kevin and Sue Marsh call their mountain home “Chin Li” (“For SCE&G’s Marsh, the man cave beckons,” The State, Oct. 16, 2017). Permit me to suggest that the Marshes rename their home “Let Them Eat Cake” in recognition of Kevin’s (and his SCANA colleagues’) actions, which parallel the dishonest and incompetent French royal family that brought down the monarchy in the late 1700s. And their giving their home a fancy name without knowing its meaning … typical of the nouveau riche (aka po’ white trash).

Bill Schmidt

West Columbia

S.C.’s New School Rating System Unfair

Imagine if the teacher of your child or grandchild or some other young person in your life told the class that no matter what grades were made on a given test, 30 percent of the class would fail. I feel very certain in saying that this would be viewed as unfair and arbitrary, and with good reason.

On a larger scale, this is exactly what South Carolina’s Education Oversight Committee (EOC) has decided to do with school ratings under its newly adopted accountability system. Under this system, 30 percent of the schools in our state will be rated as below satisfactory, no matter what achievement is attained or what improvement is shown.

How does this begin to make sense? What would have been wrong with setting a standard and simply challenging schools to meet or exceed it versus putting schools on the proverbial bell curve? Based on this wrongheaded approach, schools making significant academic improvement will still be rated as failing.

I challenge the 12 non-educators on the EOC to work for two weeks in a real school and then come back and defend this decision. The EOC obviously needs a dose of reality.

Dr. Frank E. Morgan

Superintendent, Kershaw County School District

Government Is the Worst

What an absurd idea, that government should be run as a business! Good businesses offer useful products or services for which there is a reasonable demand; governments produce nothing except laws that infringe upon basic human rights. This is not just a Republican thing; it’s a general political attitude which is a slippery slope into bondage. As George Washington once said: “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” 

I don’t see too many people clamoring to pay government to take their property and freedom. Ya think they might have a clue? 

Richard Jefferies


Who Is Trump Signaling?

Can any of you Trumpsters explain what Donald Trump is doing with his hands when he reads his speeches? First, he raises one hand and seems to move it in a circular motion and then does the same with his other hand. At first, I dismissed these gyrations as nothing more than an idiosyncratic tic but, on further examination, it appears he’s doing the “wax on, wax off” scene from The Karate Kid. I guess it’s also possible it’s a secret sign language developed for him by his Kremlin handlers that allows him to communicate surreptitiously with his best bud, Vladimir Putin.

Larry Knight


A Utahn Weighs in on LGBT Rights

The Queer Nazis (LGBT) believe that freedom of religion and freedom of speech ends with their worship of unrestrained sex and the promotion of it. Prepare for more calamities if SCOTUS sides with the Queer Nazis again.

Michael W. Jarvis

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Constitution Says We Can Have All the Guns We Want

When bad actions take place, such as what happened in Las Vegas, some people are so quick and desperate to propose ways to deter such actions from reoccurring that they have no care in the world about whether or not such deterrents violate the U.S. Constitution. Case in point; people who want gun restrictions. They want action to be taken on this issue based on their emotions, moral entrepreneurship, amount of such incidents which occur, and comparison of gun laws with other countries; but they can never back up their wishes with the Constitution. They think the former supersedes it, and can only speculate hypothetical beliefs of the Founders if they were alive today. Like it or not, the Constitution does not put a limit on how many guns or how much ammunition people can own; nor does it allow for amendments to be waived or suspended in times of crisis. The only constitutional way for any of that to be changed is for the process stated in Article V to be followed. Anyone who believes otherwise takes liberty for granted. 

Mark Zloczover

Boynton Beach, FL

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