Darius Rucker sings with Hootie and the Blowfish on Sept. 11, the first of three consecutive concerts at Colonial Life Arena as part of the band's 'Group Therapy Tour.' John A. Carlos II / Special to The Free Times

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This is a rave to Darius Rucker. He is a fantastic guy who helps a lot of people. Yeah.

President Trump says he will ask Congress to pass a bill that would outlaw whistles.

Message for Lindsey Graham: We need more whistleblowers and fewer Trump blowers.

Sen. Graham’s biggest decision every day is what side of Trumps ass he kisses first.

It’s time for Five Points to fight back. None of the neighborhood associations fighting Five Points has any businesses or property there. It’s time to fight.

F#!k all you neighbors who don’t want to live near a university the size of the city of Florence. Why don’t you just move to the damn suburbs already?

Hey folks, I love Rant and Rave. My grandmother used to say, “Don’t you see? Don’t you see?” Do you know that the national deficit is up 2.9 trillion dollars since Trump took office? That’s the main reason he wants interest rates kept low.

Yeah, for all you people out there who drive like bats out of hell on the interstate, doing 80 and 85 in a 60 because you are late, do like I do and set all the clocks in your house 10 minutes ahead. You’re never late for work, you’re never late an appointment or church.

Hey folks, we had a Friday the 13th and a full moon. That was a real “alert day.”

Isn’t it interesting that Jim Sonefeld went from Tootie & the Jones to Hootie & the Blowfish?

This is Figaro. How come every time football season starts you always have the men yelling “Game” and the women yelling “Cocks”? Don’t you just love it when they yell “Go Cocks”? They should be yelling “Go Cadillac,” because that’s what they want.

This is BG the Blind Guy. The white cane law was a serious matter. I took it federal.

The singer Eddie Money passed away. Rest in peace, Eddie.

I guess y’all didn’t hear me the first time. You can come back to the Christine Building.

Alabama is called the Crimson Tide. What the hell is that?

My wife has been married to me now for 39 years. She’s applying for sainthood. Yeah.

Why did the Gamecock cross the road? To try to get away from Alabama.

Trumpharoah, let my people go.

So, that Forest Acres TV ad. The only person of color they need in that community is a garbageman? OK, message noted.

The problem isn’t who spends four to eight years in the White House. The problem is who spends 30 or 40 years in Congress.

Daylight saving time is coming up November 3. We are supposed to set our clocks back one hour. Why don’t we just set them back 30 minutes and leave it that way the whole year? What is 30 minutes?

Community leader Joe Azar passed away. We’ll miss you, Joe.

The United States Air Force just turned 72 years old. It doesn’t look a day over 55.

Hey, folks. Mr. Trump didn’t like NAFTA. Right now his plan will cost Americans more for a car from Canada or Mexico.

When you look up “frugal” in the dictionary, it has my picture next to it.

If that lady on the Rant and Rave answering machine ever wants to have coffee, call me.

I went by McDonald’s in northeast Columbia and there were Little Caesars boxes stacked up there in Mickey D’s, where someone was having a pizza party.

I’m kind of burned out on people calling out Trump on everything. He’s got oppositional defiance disorder, among other mental handicaps, OK?

How did the singer Patrick Davis, from Camden, get out of Camden? Practice, practice, practice.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Sept. 18] To the idiot complaining about SEC Network and ACC Network: You are a fool for paying DirecTV any money. Why don’t you get a Fire Stick so you can stream all these things? All you have to do is pay for Internet. I pay $40 a month and I stream all these games.

The VA hospital in Columbia has people called “ambassadors.” They are nicer than Walmart greeters.

I find it strange that the guy who picks up our packages in the afternoon at our office sometimes has his dad working with him.

I’m here to help the people.

We celebrate that in 1777, Sybil Ludington, age 16, rode to warn American militia forces of the approaching British army. Thank God there was no Fox News show to belittle her. Bobby Fischer was chess grandmaster at 15. In 1951 the 16-year-old Barbara Johns started a student strike against the segregated schools in Farmville, Virginia, which was later used in the U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown vs. Board of Education. And in 2014, the 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai received the Nobel Peace Prize for speaking out against the Taliban and demanding education for girls.

The Bear has a question for right-wing Christians. What is it about Jesus’ sayings and actions that you do not understand or disagree with? Is it his inclusivity? His demand to love our neighbors? Or is it commandments to feed the poor and clothe the naked?

The Greek Festival did it again this year. Another year of total failure to protect the environment by serving up thousands of food plates in throwaway Styrofoam containers. Next year let’s hope the festival organizers reduce the Styrofoam and that thoughtful customers don’t buy it.

Hey King Leon, please ask your deputy who just moved to the 600 block of Brooks Avenue of West Columbia to stop speeding down my street. We have enough problems with locals using this street as a drag strip without importing police to do the same thing.

The Cameron Curmudgeon wonders if the third of Americans who do not live up to the new rules for immigrants regarding health and monetary needs are supposed to uproot themselves and move to El Salvador or Guatemala.

My theory is right wingers think of it all as a sports fan would. As long as the opposition (Democrats) loses, they don’t care about anything else. They are missing the long view. Trump and his brand of right-wingers are not only killing us, but other countries and the very planet itself. And his supporters are too stupid to see it. 

You are an idiot if you hate President Trump. That is just fine. Next time give the American voters a better Democratic candidate than crooked Hillary Clinton!  With the latest witch hunt, deep state bulls#!t and talk of impeachment the Democrats have just galvanized the Republicans even more. My prediction is President Trump wins in a landslide, and Republicans take back the U.S. House of Representatives, plus two more conservative constitutional judges will be placed on the Supreme Court. Man, it is good to be a Republican! By the way, the president’s spine is solid as a rock, along with all of his supporters. KAG! Frosty over and out!

The Turtle wonders if the 150 million American households realize that the poorly conceived and poorly executed new tariffs will increase their cost of living by $500 every year. The Chinese aren’t paying for the tariffs. You are.

Not only are me and my friends Taste Buds, we are also best buds.

The Wisconsin Badgers crushed Michigan. Both of their mascots are bad.

My friend is so Southern, he drinks Pepsi out of a bottle with peanuts in it.

Humans are maggots on a road kill planet.

Dear young people: Are you OK with what these old white men are leaving behind for you to clean up, pay off, and/or try to fix? Are you OK with what is being done to your planet, your democracy, and your personal safety? If not, then stand up and say so, LOUDLY!  Trump, Graham and Wilson are not your friends, and do not deserve your trust.

One commonly held misconception among right-wingers is the economy is better under conservatives. WRONG! It’s part of the powerful right-wing propaganda machine. 

Did you know that the expression "trumped up” is, according to Webster, defined as “to concoct, especially with the intent to  deceive, to fabricate”? Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Recent reports on weak laws in SC regarding the acquisition, keeping and trading of exotic animals like snakes and turtles highlight our need to pass laws like Georgia's. Just exactly what does our Legislature do to address all kinds of issues we face year after year? I will tell you: virtually nothing.

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