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E.Z. Shakes, Summer Cut (Pow Pow Sound)

Find it: ezshakes.bandcamp.com

With Summer Cut, E.Z. Shakes offer a low-key EP release to follow last year’s Eyes on Fire. With two new studio recordings, a live take of an old favorite, and another new one, recorded live at Nashville’s Third Man Records, it feels like a stitched-together offering meant to hold interest between proper releases. But considering it as such does a disservice to the EP itself. 

Opener “T.V. Screen” belnds frontman Zach Seibert’s wistful vocals with an appropriately lush and melancholy Americana arrangement highlighted by sudden rushes of bright, twangy guitar, while “Hey Beautiful” keeps a comparatively low-key composition, leaning on Seibert’s acoustic guitar before the band rushes into the chorus with glowing pedal steel and rollicking banjo. The EP’s latter half, which features Seibert performing solo, highlights the versatility of his songs, as it ranges from clear and crisp to lo-fi fuzz. “Murder” — which appears here reprised from both E.Z. Shakes’ 2017 debut E.P. and the 2018 full-length The Wolf — benefits from a spare, spacious recording live at Nashville community radio station WXNA, while “Rode” enjoys a crackling lo-fi recording from the direct-to-acetate Record Booth at Third-Man. 

As E.Z. Shakes further stretches its Americana into fuller arrangements and more expansive sonic palettes, it’s refreshing to have a reminder of how equally well these songs can play as spartan acoustic tracks or as full-band vamps.

What: E.Z. Shakes

Where: New Brookland Tavern, 122 State St.

When: Saturday, Nov. 30, 8 p.m.

Price: $10 ($8 advance)

With: The Pink Stones, Vilai Harrington and the Hamptones

More: 803-791-4413, newbrooklandtavern.com

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