Thursday 15 

The Post-Timey String Band — The trusty pairing of Kelley McLachlan and Sean Thomson is about as reliable a duo as you can find in this town. As The Post-Timey String Band, the two ply loosely-constricted Americana tunes rife with ragtime, blues and old-timey folk with a surefire combination of humor, carefree adventurousness and sincere emotion. — Kyle Petersen Hunter-Gatherer (Hangar): 6:30 p.m., free; 803-764-1237, huntergathererbrewery.com+

Slim Pickens — Slim Pickens has built a cult following in the Midlands with barnburner shows featuring Travis-style chicken pickin’ and a bouncy rhythm section. They’re like a Jerry Reed record mixed with a futuristic pinball machine. Do yourself a favor and request “Funky Town” for a fresh take on Lipps Inc’s classic jam complete, with lead singer Branhan Lowther strutting across the stage like a proud rooster. With Wombat Junction. — Ethan Fogus The White Mule: 7pm, $5, 803-708-5908, whitemulemusic.com

Friday 16

Axattack, Humungus, Occultist, Deathstill — Richmond clashes with Columbia in a thrashing quadruple-header for the ages. The Virginians in Humungus arrive in advance of their October full-length, Balls, which promises an old-school blast of thrash in the vein of Megadeth and Exodus. Their neighbors in Occultist take a slightly more punk-influenced approach, digging into D-beats and crust punk tones to add grit to their own thrash-rooted assault. But the locals that sandwich the bill offer plenty to support the Soda City’s clout. Axattack offers vicious crossover thrash par excellence, while Deathstill stretches into melodeath and blackened territories, evoking At The Gates or later Darkthrone.  — Bryan C. Reed | Art Bar: 8 p.m., $6; 803-929-0198, artbarsc.com

Lay Quiet Awhile, Death Becomes Even the Maiden — This Jam Room Music Festival fundraiser is just the second reunion show from the refashioned Lay Quiet Awhile, the iconic Danielle Howle-fronted arty, folk-and-prog-leaning alt-rock ensemble that was one of the most exciting groups in the Southeast in the early-’90s. Tantrums guitarist John Furr assists peak lineup members (Howle, bassist Dan Cook, drummer Troy Tague). Also on the bill is another reunited group, the deliciously tight and tense post-punk outfit Death Becomes Even the Maiden. — Kyle Petersen The White Mule: 9 p.m., $10; 803-661-8199, whitemulemusic.com 

Rocketman — Tokyo Joe’s long-running Rocketman tribute to Elton John has endured (and gotten, like, wicked popular) because the group’s paid assiduous attention to detail. It’s not just the costumes — though the show’s costume design is impressive. It’s not just the songs — though the band knows the intimate nooks and crannies of its entire setlist. It’s the entire experience — the look, the sound, the feel. All of it. — Patrick Wall Icehouse Amphitheater: 6 p.m., $25; 803-358-7275, icehouseamphitheater.com

SEVENTH — Despite performing under a Google-proof stage game, singer and multi-instrumentalist SEVENTH repeatedly plays his renditions of R&B and soul classics to sold out crowds at Chayz Lounge. Local saxophonist David Glymph joins SEVENTH’s band as the evening’s featured performer, bringing his warm, legato melodies and deft sense of dynamics to the Midlands’ smoothest bandstand. — Cam Powell | Chayz Lounge: 8 p.m., $25; 803-563-8375, chayzlounge.com

Saturday 17

Dead Rider — Todd Rittmann, the driving force behind seminal Chicago indie deconstructionists U.S. Maple, leads the experimental wrecking crew Dead Rider. Like his old project, Rittmann’s new band relies on angular skronk, rude grooves, jazzy tones and unctuous lounge-lizard croons to create music of unparalleled, punchdrunk idiosyncrasy marked by creeping dread. Consider “The Sale,” the acerbic acid-blues screed Rittman and company let loose in July, or Dead Rider Trio Featuring Mr. Paul Williams, an exquisite art-rock outing with the titular London noisenik. These tunes — like all of Rittmann’s — exude mania, allowing tension to ratchet and unfurl with deranged abandon. — Patrick Wall Curiosity Coffee Bar: 8:30 p.m., $10; curiositycoffeebar.com

Decadence, GRÜZER — The re-opened White Mule has definitely chosen the eclectic with its bookings, and while this might not be the first local metal show at the venue, it promises to be the heaviest so far. Decadence trades in commercially savvy, melodic hard rock that can turn nasty and intense in the space of a chorus or hook. GRÜZER packs its sonic punches with stoner, doom, thrash and more, while riding bass-heavy grooves until you’re down for the count. Imaginary Enemy also plays. — Kevin Oliver The White Mule: 8 p.m., $7; 803-708-5908, whitemulemusic.com

Deleveled — Featuring both Jeff Pitts and Jessica Skinner, the longer-running Deleveled has become the guitar-driven flipside of the pair’s ukulele-driven folk-pop project Prettier Than Matt. Deleveled is to Columbia as Mouse Rat is to Pawnee. Both homegrown bands make the kind of bro-pop that might be a bit cheeseball, but is nothing if not endearing. There’s no shame in leaning back and letting Pitts’ soulful voice guide you through a collection of covers and originals that recall peak ’90s radio. — Ethan Fogus Wild Wing Cafe (Sandhill): 9 p.m., free; 803-865-3365, wildwingcafe.com

Kenny George Band — Country music seems permanently divided these days, split between the pop-commercial realm of bro-country and hick-hop and the tradition-referencing, Americana-leaning land of Jason Isbell, Hayes Carll and Tyler Childers. Kenny George and company fall somewhere between, steeped in Whiskeytown-inspired country-rock and the outlaw country of Waylon Jennings, a pretty good place to land for fans of “real” country music. — Kevin Oliver Steel Hands: 8 p.m., free; 803-708-9864; steelhandsbrewing.com

H3RO, The Unnamed Rapper — It’s nice to see Justin Daniels, who tenaciously raps as H3RO moniker, back in town so soon after his move to Greenville. He’s joined by another Columbia hip-hop ex-pat, The Unnamed Rapper, whose love for boom bap-indebted beats and old-school wordplay has more in common with Golden Era rap music of the ’90s than today’s Soundcloud mumblers.  The two are joined by simpatico-minded locals PATx and Dawso Lee. — Kyle Petersen | Indah Coffee (Sumter Street): 8 p.m., $8; 803-708-0275, indahcoffee.com

St. Maurice, Seven Year Witch, Buffalohead — A troika of Upstate bands converge tonight, offering different stripes of broad-brush rock ‘n’ roll. St. Maurice fuses psychedelic rock with funk rhythms for groove-driven jams the band has aptly dubbed “doom funk.” Seven Year Witch digs into a deep well of alt-rock influences for tight songcraft that ought to strike a chord with fans of The White Stripes or Arctic Monkeys. Buffalohead opens with progressive, heavy blues-rock that recalls The Black Keys at their most revivalist. — Bryan C. Reed | Art Bar: 9 p.m., $6; 803-929-0198, artbarsc.com

Gwen Yvette — Back in April, Gwen Yvette presented The Sounds of Soul at Chayz Lounge. The setlist drew mostly from the songbooks of the leading ladies of soul and R&B — the likes of Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright and Gladys Knight. She reprises the gig tonight. — Patrick Wall Chayz Lounge: 8 p.m., $20; 803-563-8375, chayzlounge.com

Wednesday 21

Daddy’s Beemer, Whitehall —  Daddy’s Beemer’s anxious, turnt-up slacker rock lands somewhere between Vampire Weekend, Modest Mouse and Sonic Youth. The Charleston-based group’s highly danceable songs are infectious and lyrically opaque, relying on vibe over clarity of expression. Either way there’s a lot of cool riffage, and enough drags from your Juul will set you up for some serious chill. Whitehall pairs well, with charming angst and a gosh-darn saxophone. With Late Night TV. — Ethan Fogus The Space Hall (Tapp’s Arts Center): 8 p.m., $10, 803-617-8609, tappsartcenter.com

The Hip Abduction — The Hip Abduction makes its second stop in Columbia in a year’s time, fresh off the Aug. 9 release of its new full length, To the Ends of the Earth. The Floridian reggae-adjacent pop sextet dive headfirst into the arena rock deep end where Imagine Dragons treads water, with lead singles “Float” and “Welcome to the Party” dealing predictable lyrical platitudes atop relentlessly ebullient synth lines in a quest for maximum posi-vibes. With Artikal Sound System. — Cam Powell The Senate: 8 p.m., $15 ($12 in advance); 803-253-9392, thesenatecolumbia.com

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