what: Sake-chata

cost: $8

where: Curiosity Coffee Bar, 2327 Main St.

Remember how, as a kid, you thought coffee would taste as good as it smelled? Or maybe, like me, you long for a sip of butterbeer as it would taste in Hogsmeade, not as I suspect it would taste at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ in Orlando? I’m telling you, this sake cocktail at Curiosity is the first real-world adult beverage I’ve ever had that actual fulfills the innocent promise of its appearance and aroma. It is wintry, and it is good.

Curiosity blends nigori sake — a sweet, cloudy iteration of the traditional Japanese rice brew — with a rum simple syrup, almond milk and cinnamon, for a play on horchata, a spiced Mexican rice drink. It’s served hot or cold, and given the wet, gloomy weather of late, the hot version seems the way to go. Mine was served in a huge mug.

As with all hot spirits, the booziness hits your palate with an extra punch, but it’s tempered by the spices and cozy aspect of the drink. You’ll want to sip this one slowly, feeling your toes get warm and your spine loosen.

There’s a whole list of these cold-weather cocktails over there at Curiosity, and I intend to eventually work my way through them. 

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