what: matcha latte

where:Drip on Main, 1441 Main St.

cost:$4.50 for a medium

Matcha, the finely powdered green tea that forms the basis of the Japanese tea ceremony (and a bunch of vegan cupcakes at twee Brooklyn bakeshops), is tasty. But it can be challenging, too, with its intensely green, vegetal flavors and slight bitterness. Drip’s new matcha latte brings out the sweet grassiness of the matcha while mellowing it slightly — and it’s a perfect low-caffeine, none-too-sugary pick-me-up on these cool fall days. 

Matcha and milk (or a milk alternative) are blended with a ginger-lemon simple syrup and frothed slightly. The resulting drink is light and airy, with soft flavors bringing out the savory character of the tea. Honestly, it doesn’t taste very overtly like ginger or lemon, but those flavors bring subtle dimension to the drink. (Yes, you’re getting out of this review without a “matcha-made-in-heaven” joke. You’re welcome.) — Eva Moore

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