Edmund's Oast Mild

Edmund's Oast Lord Proprietor's Mild

what: Edmund’s Oast Lord Proprietor’s Mild

ABV: 3.5 percent

cost: $11 for a four-pack of 16-ounce cans

Charleston’s Edmund’s Oast continues to impress me with its exceptional beers. This one is a modern example of an almost extinct English style called Mild. This name Mild was not indicative of alcoholic strength, but the lack of hop bitterness. In fact, English Milds can vary from low to very high alcoholic content.

This beer is brewed with a classic English malt as a base, English hops and the addition of black tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation. The result is a pleasant session-type beer with tasty notes of chocolate accented by distinct notes of tea. No real hop flavor is apparent, but there is just enough bitterness from hops, roasted malts and tea to balance the malt sweetness and give this beer structure. This is an exceptionally balanced and well-made beer, and is remarkably flavorful.

By the way, if you are not familiar with state history, the Lord Proprietors were a group of English nobles who were given land grants by the King of England for what is now North and South Carolina. They were responsible for the early colonization of the area. Cheers!

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