Edmund's Oast lagerbier

Edmund's Oast Brewing Co.'s Lagerbier

what:    Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.’s Lagerbier

price:    $10.99 for a four-pack of 16 oz. cans

ABV:    5.5 percent

where:    Green’s, 400 Assembly St. and 4012 Fernandina Rd.

A small but growing trend among craft brewers is the production of beers described generically as lager beers. This is surprising because these beers closely resemble the despised beers of the international megabreweries that are the antithesis of craft brewing. So there is no misunderstanding, these lager beers are very different from styles such as pilsners brewed by craft brewers that are in fact lagers.

This lager style is difficult for a craft brewer to brew because it is hard for such a subtle style to contain the complex array of flavors necessary to maintain craft credentials. Charleston’s Edmund’s Oast dives into this trend with its Lagerbier.

The brewery says the beer is brewed with German malts, yeast and hops, and the results back that up. When poured, an odd aroma envelopes the glass, a whiff of sulfur, and it’s not a flaw. This aroma is produced by lager yeast metabolism. The smell quickly dissipates and the delicate aromas of the malt and hops are discernible. The flavor is a soft but complex blend of bready malt, with the refined spicy and floral flavor of the Hallertauer Mittelfruh hop. This beguiling hop flavor becomes the signature of this beer. There is a slight perception of sweetness at mid-taste that is balanced by pleasant bitterness. This is a tasty and impressive example of this type of beer. Cheers!

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