Duchesse Cherry

ABV: 6.8 percent

cost: $5.65

where: Green’s

Any holiday celebration must include good food and lots of it, and the right beer will make the experience better, so here are a few can’t miss suggestions:

The saison style or other rustic farmhouse-style ales are the perfect pairing for just about any holiday meal. Saison Dupont, is the classic but there are some good American versions available. The generous carbonation and spicy peppery notes of this style brilliantly accent turkey, ham or beef.

Many craft brewers make Christmas beers and winter warmers featuring seasonal spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Most of these are not challenging beers and might appeal to those who “just do not like beer.” Find one that contains spices or fruits you enjoy — Sam Adams’ Winter Warmer and Christmas Ale are two safe but tasty choices.

The gose style is another one that might surprise and please your guests. These tart, dry beers are low in alcohol and make superb aperitifs. Try Westbrook’s Gose, or better yet find a gose with a fruit addition for a colorful, festive touch.

Wood-aged and so-called sour beers are now the rage in craft brewing. An excellent one for the holiday season is Belgium’s Duchesse Cherry. This is a beautiful beer in the glass with its dark red color. The taste impression is tart, ascetic but bracing with a hint of oak from its aging in wood that balance the authentic cherry flavor. This one will surprise and impress your guests and will be a pleasant addition to any meal. A similar and equally delightful beer is Rodenbach Alexander. Cheers! 

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