what: Columbia Craft Lager

ABV:4.8 percent

cost:$5 for a pint or $8 for a liter 

Columbia Craft Brewing Co. is opening its doors this Thursday, Nov. 30, and adding some seriously good beers to our town’s lineup. There will be nine beers ready to go on Thursday including four Carolina Weisse Sours — Raspberry; Guava; Apricot, Peach and Mango; and an incredibly tasty Passion Fruit (all at a drinkable 3.5 percent ABV). Then there’s their Famously Hop IPA (6 percent ABV) and a 00Session (say it like James Bond to get the name) Pale Ale (4.8 percent ABV), which has way more of a floral nose and herbal finish than most session beers. The Pulaski Porter (4.7 percent ABV) has lots of chocolate and espresso notes, and the Road Rage India Red Ale really lives up to their “Craft Beer Famously Hopped” slogan as it is brewed with four hop varieties and then dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, making for a much more in-your-face red that still has some smooth malt qualities you would expect. 

But there can only be one drink of the week, and if you’re going to settle back with just one beer on your first visit to Columbia Craft (you’ll be back), you should definitely not miss the Columbia Craft Lager. It is one of those rare examples where a beer hits every note you want from a given style while still offering a special something to keep you coming back. Here it’s a sheer, crisp, clean taste that can be knocked back quickly or patiently admired. In fact, while pictured here in a pint glass, it is the only beer offered in their liter-size mug, which is a thing to behold (and heft up) yourself. — Tug Baker

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