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Drink of the Week: Scofflaw Brewing Co.’s Dirty Beaches Tropical Wheat

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When beer shopping, a well-designed label goes a long way in helping to catch your eye. And while certainly not foolproof, more often than not the beer inside will be pretty good. After all, if the brewery got its stuff together enough to get that cool can designed, then hopefully it paid even more attention to brewing the stuff itself.

And this Drink of the Week is one of those instances when the label can definitely be trusted. Just look at that thing! All the tiny goat skulls and pink flamingos hanging out in the tropical fronds — it just screams to be made into the print of a Hawaiian-style shirt. Atlanta’s Scofflaw Brewing Co. teamed up with Downingtown, Pennsylvania’s Victory Brewing Company for this wheat/IPA hybrid that they dubbed “tropical wheat.”

That tropical description is right on the nose. On the first pour into the glass, there is a hint of mango and maybe a little coconut on the nose that instantly makes you think of the warm sands and Tiki cocktails. The fruitiness continues as you drink, revealing incredibly juicy, floral hops with a strong citrus flavor and a hint of pear. The “wheat” descriptor might concern some, and, certainly, it’s not very up front in the flavor profile at all, but the process has made the beer creamy and incredibly easy-drinking, making for a great beer to enjoy outside as the sun starts to warm up.

For many of us, there are a few out-of-state beers that you always stock up on when traveling, and for a long time, Dirty Beaches was always on my list when traveling to Atlanta. But luckily, Scofflaw began distribution in South Carolina about a month ago, so you don’t have to travel as far to let this beer take your mind off troubled times and away to a beach somewhere.

6.3 percent ABV. About $10 for a six-pack at Columbia beer stores.

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