hemp leaves on wooden background, seeds, cannabis oil extracts in jars

hemp leaves on wooden background, seeds, cannabis oil extracts in jars.

We just can’t have fun without the government coming in to regulate it, and the latest thing to be regulated is cannabidiol (CBD) oil in food products. The federal Food and Drug Administration has decreed that it is not legal in interstate commerce to sell foods or animal feeds to which CBD has been added — and last week the South Carolina Department of Agriculture began reminding people of that fact.

“Once you add CBD oil to a food product, it ceases to be a human food product and becomes a supplement intended to treat a condition,” says Derek Underwood, the assistant commissioner for the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Underwood says that this does not apply to CBD added at the point of sale, such as CBD additives in lattes that are made there in front of the consumer.

This ruling can be reversed when and if the companies who want to sell CBD-infused foods across state lines provide proper documentation and scientific evidence to the FDA. But for now, it may be harder to come across things like CBD candies or dog treats while this ruling is in effect.

Rosso Has Closed

Rosso Trattoria, the long-running Italian restaurant in Forest Acres’ Trenholm Plaza, closed abruptly on Feb. 19.

The announcement came by way of a Facebook post from general manager Richard Couture, and expresses sadness over the closing of the restaurant. It goes on to say that they are looking for a new location. They advise that any gift cards should be held onto for future use.

The restaurant’s outgoing voicemail also advises callers, “Please look in the Free Times in the upcoming weeks for a new location.” However, Free Times has been unable to reach Rosso or Couture.

Chef-entrepreneur Kristian Niemi opened Rosso in 2009, later selling it to pursue other ventures.

And So Has Tin Lizzy’s

Tin Lizzy’s, the Tex-Mex restaurant chain at 700 Gervais St. in the Vista, has closed. No other details are available except what is recorded on the restaurant’s voicemail, which says that the location is permanently closed and thanks guests for the memories and allowing them to be a part of the community. The Columbia restaurant information has also been removed from the main Tin Lizzy’s website.

The Atlanta-based company opened its Columbia outpost in 2015. There is still one other in South Carolina, in Greenville.

And Also, Spice Junction

Spice Junction, a South Indian buffet-style restaurant located in a shopping center on Augusta Highway in West Columbia has also closed. They ceased operations in December, according to the owners.

The owners have also stated that they do not plan to re-open in a different location and thank their customers for the support and love they received.

Pelican’s Snoballs is Back

March 1 is when cones full of fluffy shaved ice doused with sweet flavors and even topped with gummy sharks can be yours again. Pelican’s Snoballs will open its 13 Midlands locations for 2019.

One new change is that the flagship Rosewood location has moved slightly to the left, on the other side of Carolina Fire and Safety, to a space with a large parking lot. Their signature ice blue and hot pink paint shows the way, plus the large rainbow-hued mural of James Brown.

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