After a dismal season for blueberries last year, with a late frost icing over the bushes and causing the plants to die or produce drastically less berries than usual, blue abounds at the local u-pick places in 2018.

Berry Hill Farm at 219 Bluefield Road in Lexington and Double A Farms at 5412 Bluff Road in Columbia are in business and ready for pickers. Both farms post regular picking updates on their Facebook pages, for the most up-to-date information.

The seasons still have weather variables like extreme heat or an intense rain shower that can affect the plants and shorten the picking season, so pick early and pick often if you’ve got your heart set on a gallon or three of fresh berries.

A Peach Season Worth Celebrating

Along with a stronger blueberry crop, peaches are also back in force for 2018, and with that, a much peachier Lexington County Peach Festival, which will be held on Wednesday, July 4, in Gilbert.

The annual festival is a daylong affair that features a parade in the morning, a crafts fair, antique car show, dance and singing shows from local dance studios and bands, and a fireworks show to cap it off, plus tons of peach-filled foods in between.

Peach pie, peach salsa, peach cobbler and, most importantly on a South Carolina July day, peach ice cream and peach slush, await. Plug 110 Rikard Circle, Gilbert into your GPS and you can’t miss it.

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