Two Brothers Jerky Famously Hot Beef Jerky

what: Two Brothers Jerky Famously Hot Beef Jerky

cost: from $8.49 a bag


Famously Hot Beef Jerky pays dehydrated-meat homage to Columbia’s sweltering summer nights. Pop a preservative- and nitrate-free piece in your mouth and you’ll immediately taste hickory smoked sweetness and notes of soy, brown sugar and loads of garlic. Then the chili pepper-fueled afterburn will kick in. It’s pleasantly hot, but not the kind of hot that’s going to trigger a sprint to the fridge for yogurt to extinguish the flames shooting off your tongue.

The beef is sourced from grass-fed cattle that graze on 90 acres of serene pasture land at Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, North Carolina, 20 minutes outside of downtown Asheville.

As warming as this jerky feels in your belly, its origin story is even better. Despite living apart for 45 years, Motor Supply Co. Bistro owner Eddie Wales and his brother and business partner Paul Brock have much in common. Adopted by different families, the blood brothers forged strikingly similar paths. Both became avid tomato-growers, attended state colleges and helmed successful restaurants — Brock owned the now closed Broad Street Café in Durham. From the moment they discovered they were family there was an instant bond, and they’ve been making up for lost time ever since, spending quality time with their birth mother and half-brothers’ families and diving headfirst into the jerky business. In addition to Famously Hot, Two Brothers Jerky also sells Bull City Original — a shoutout to Paul’s hometown — and a Sweet Ginger Teriyaki flavor, too. 

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