Bagel bombs by The Buttered Noodle Bakery

What: Bagel bombs

Cost: $5 (price varies by location)

Where: The Buttered Noodle Bakery at Curiosity Coffee, 2327 Main St., Columbia

The modern bagel is most likely of Polish origin. Historians believe that it was invented in 1683 by a Viennese baker paying tribute to the King of Poland, Jan Sobieski, who led the then-combined Austria and Poland against the invading Turkish armies. The form of the bagel was made into the shape of stirrups in honor of the king’s love of horses.

Bagels have evolved into many quirky forms in the past century. One of my favorites growing up were bagel bites, those weird cheese- and pepperoni-topped frozen goods with the catchy theme song that took the country by storm during the '90s.

In recent years, the idea of a pizza-esque bagel took another evolutionary turn with the invention of the “bagel bomb.” Most famously known from Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, the bagel bomb is simply bagel-like dough formed into a ball and stuffed with either sweet or savory fillings.

Recently the idea came to Columbia thanks to The Buttered Noodle Bakery, a small batch cooking company.

Cracking into one of The Buttered Noodle Bakery’s versions is an awful lot of fun. The dough is really perfect, providing a sturdy vessel for the filling and a lot of different characteristics between the thin, crispy top layer of the bomb and the thicker, craveable chew of the bottom-side that will ring familiar with any bagel lover.

I picked up a couple of savory flavors recently, including a a rich and creamy sun-dried tomato and asiago bomb along with a killer chorizo and cheddar. Both were packed with flavor and really satisfying to excavate.

Started in 2015, The Buttered Noodle Bakery sources its different baked goods daily to local restaurants like Indah, Haven Coffee House, and the Local Buzz. On most days, Curiosity Coffee houses the bakery's more eclectic items like bagel bombs — and on special occasions, bonuts, bagels that are poached like traditional bagels and instead of finishing in the oven, deep fried to golden perfection [online copy corrected].

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