Bite of the Week: Stuffed Pepper with Steak at Philly Phellows

what: Stuffed Pepper with Steak

cost: $8

where: Philly Phellows truck

contact: 803-546-8983,

The Philly Phellows are the dynamic duo of Meredith McKenzie and Brandon Cool (no pseudonym, that’s his legit surname). Both have heaps of familia in the City of Brotherly Love, and have kindly and faithfully brought Philadelphia’s emblematic cuisine on down to South Carolina’s capital. 

Their freshly shaved marinated ribeye is crazy tender and bursting with flavor so rich and wonderful it’ll be at least a solid decade before the agri-tech wizzes at Beyond Meat can come close to mimicking this level of umami. The beef is pure ambrosia on its own, but the yin to its yang, gooey white American cheese, melts all over it, adding a tantalizing sharpness. 

What about that large, sweet bell pepper holding all the good stuff in? Spellbound by each forkful of meat, it’s not till the beef stack was halfway depleted, that I began to give the meal’s greens a chance. The grilled-to-order steak holder has a slight char on it. Perfumed by l’eau de boeuf, it is just as delectable to scarf down as the main attraction.

If you’re not counting carbs and going for the authentic experience, the rolls are legit. Imported from Philly’s Amoroso’s Baking Company, they’re the cheesesteak carrier of choice, lightly crisp on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside.


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