What: Hunterschnitzel

Where: Uncle Ozzy’s, 3315 Farrow Rd., 803-420-8358,

Cost: $13.90 

[Update: Uncle Ozzy's closed suddenly after Free Times sampled its Hunterschnitzel on Sept. 12.]

Over the years, 3315 Farrow Road has been a lot of things: various Chinese restaurants (including Jade Dragon and China Palace), a wing joint, and originally, a Popeye’s. Its signature feature has always been the giant slabs of rock that make up the exterior and some of the interior, as well. 

The latest occupant of the space is easily the best so far: Uncle Ozzy’s opened shop at the beginning of September. 

The menu at Ozzy’s is entirely devoted to the wide world of schnitzel, the classic pounded German meat. Paper thin and coated in breadcrumbs, it’s fried until golden and served either plain or smothered in a wide array of toppings — cheese and gravy are two of the classic choices. 

This week’s bite features the Hunterschnitzel, Ozzy’s best seller. Also known by many as jagerschnitzel, it features a massive piece of pork that barely fits the container and a cup of Ozzy’s homemade mushroom gravy to slather over it. The gravy is light and sweet, perfect over the crispy schnitzel. Serving the topping as a side is kind of brilliant as it keeps the schnitzel perfectly crispy as you dunk piece after piece (no one will judge you for pouring the whole thing over though). It’s everything you want in fried meat: crispy, juicy, savory.

Along with the schnitzel you get the option of rich and chewy spaetzle (a rustic German pasta made with eggs, flour and salt), crispy fried potato wedges, fries or tater tots. 

If you’re lucky you can run into Ozzy himself. Kind, excited and incredibly helpful with running you through his list of schnitzel varieties, he’s the kind of guy you want to get to know and come back and visit. The location has had a long and varied history, but Ozzy gives you a good feeling that this could be a place that sticks around for a really long time.

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