Drip Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate at Drip

what: Hot Chocolate

where: Drip Coffee; 729 Saluda Ave., 803-661-9545; 1441 Main St., 803-799-0067; dripcolumbia.com

price: $3.35 (milk alternatives and flavors available)

I just moved here, but Free Times’ other staffers tell me the recent weather isn’t normal — the frequent rain, cool temperatures and grey, overcast skies. 

“Wait until the summer comes,” they say, warning me of the countless 90-plus-degree days and palpable humidity levels. 

Take a trip, then, while it’s climate-appropriate, to Drip Coffee, and indulge in one of life’s classic cold weather comforts — hot chocolate. 

The Main Street Drip location’s take on the drink is simple, barista Rachael Harrison says. You get your choice of milk, steamed and mixed with Ghirardelli Black Label chocolate syrup, and topped with whipped cream and a chocolate stick.

If you like, you can throw in another flavor too — Harrison says that lavender or peppermint are typical choices — or have it made with non-dairy milk.

Prepared with whole milk, the hot chocolate is creamy and rich. The chocolate and milk balance well, perhaps a surprise given that the flavor is syrup-based, while the chocolate stick melts /into the bottom of the mug. It’s all wonderfully indulgent and nostalgic. Drip’s hot chocolate takes me back to the powder-based hot chocolates I drank ravenously as a young kid, just much better. 

I’m not sure how long these rainy days and cool temperatures will last, but take advantage while you can. 

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