Crime Blotter 112719

Missing Phone: Authorities got a call from a 44-year-old woman after someone snagged her iPhone 6S while it was at a charging table. This reflects my biggest fear at an airport. If you have to go pottie, take your luggage, your phone and everything else in the bathroom.

Lean On Me: Cops got a call after a 46-year-old man refused to leave a store on Farrow Road. The man was put on trespass notice and told by the officer that if he didn’t leave he would be arrested. The guy left the store and and, when the officer got back outside, the dude was chilling on his patrol car. Turned out he was pretty hammered and maybe the best thing was to get arrested.

Axe Me Anything: Cops nabbed a 42-year-old man after he allegedly broke a window to a store on Devine Street with an axe. An officer approached the scene after being dispatched about a possible robbery in progress and, when he arrived, the suspect busted the window with the butt of the axe. Another officer on the scene actually saw the suspect do it. It’s cool to catch these guys red handed, but we could also understand the owner of the building asking: “Could you have stopped homie from shattering my window before he did it?” And that folks, is the premise of the movie Minority Report.

Hamster Time: A 24-year-old woman called the coppers after someone that didn’t live in her home on Silo Court took a hamster from her crib. Also, they took $20 worth of hamster supplies and a hamster bottle. For some reason it makes it a little more noble to take all the things the hamster needs. Still pretty frickin’ odd.

Tip of the Week: If you’re going to take something, make it worth the headache. Cops got a call to a home on Pendleton Road after someone shattered the window to a car and stole a whopping $5 worth of change from the vehicle. This sucks. Maybe people should have a cup on the hoods of their cars full of change, the way you have the little jar with pennies at a gas station, for people needing to use it for their purchase. 

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