Metropolis Salon and Dry Bar is voted Best Hair Salon.

Best Barbershop

Soda City Barbers

Runner-up: Gentlemen’s Quarters Barbershop

If you’ve ever had a bad haircut, you know that a good one is really important. The folks at Soda City Barbers are old-school to the bone and gimmick-free. So check ’em out, shaggy. Honorable mentions: Circa Barber Shop, Southern Gentleman’s Barbering Co.

Best Hair Salon

Metropolis Salon and Dry Bar

Runner-up: process. A Hair Salon

With its sleek New York City-indebted theme and choice location just off Main Street, Metropolis Salon and Dry Bar brings a note of hipness and debonair style. With a capable team of stylists arranged in five tiers, you’re guaranteed to get exactly the level of bouffant you desire. Honorable mention: Five Points Salon, Studio O2

Best Hair Stylist

Hannah Church

Runner-up: James Nowlin, Studio O2

The Elgin-based Urban Beauty Salon owner Hannah Church has a dedicated following for a reason—she’s a versatile stylist and colorist with a masterful touch, and she wins consistent praise among her steadfast clientele. Honorable mention: Kelsey Abercrombie, Lindsey Crider

Best Day Spa

OCCO Luxury Spa

Runner-up: You and Improved Esthetics

We checked out the available spa-day packages that OCCO Luxury Spa & Salon offers and we’re feeling more relaxed already. Custom massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and detoxifying are all on the agenda, plus they can get busy on your nails, skin and hair. Y’all work hard. Time to treat yourselves. Honorable mentions: Endless Vitality Aesthetic Center, fuse Massage Therapy

Best Nail Salon

Posh Nail Spa

Runner-up: Blush Nails & Spa

Need to get your nails done in the Columbia area? Time to get Posh. Posh Nail Spa can get those fingertips looking sweet, and they can also take a look at your worn-out feet and get those barking dogs pedicured. Might be time for a wax, too. Just sayin’ — they do that. Honorable mentions: Devine Nail Spa, OCCO Luxury Spa

Best Piercing Studio

Immaculate Body Piercing

Runner-up: RAW Body Piercing

If you’re going to put additional holes in your body, you’re going to want the very best. That’s why Columbians head over to Immaculate Body Piercing, which has been winning best-in-class plaudits for their attention to safety, customer care and quality for more than a decade. Honorable mentions: Knotty Headz Tattoo Factory & Body Piercings, Ouch! Studios

Best Tattoo Artist

Wayne Munn, Tatway Tattoos

Runner-up: Dillon Robertson

Tatway Tattoos co-owner Wayne Munn brings all the traditional skills of a tattoo artist in his work, whether its sketching rich original designs, working in intricate details, or executing masterful cover-ups. His reputation has allowed Tatway to expand to two locations, one in Lexington and the other in Gaston. Honorable mentions: Matthew Toto Davis, Animated Canvas; Steve Phipps, Vision Quest Body Art

Best Tattoo Studio

Animated Canvas Custom Tattoo Studio

Runner-up: Indigo Rose Tattoo

With a versatile range of experienced tattoo artists led by Scot “Spyder” Kumo, Animated Canvas Custom Tattoo takes its name seriously, offering the full gamut of inked skin, from zany new-school explorations to hyper-realistic black and white portraiture. It also has two conveniently located studios, one in downtown Columbia and another in Lexington. Honorable mentions: Tatway Tattoos, Vision Quest Body Art and Gallery

Best Fitness Club

Planet Fitness

Runner-up: CrossFit Soda City

Cardio machines? Check. Weights? Check. Free pizza and bagels to reward you for mostly being good? Also check. Columbians like a gym where they can “Pay Didley for [Their] Squats” and still do them in a nice place, whenever they want, 24 hours a day. Honorable mentions: 9Round Fitness, Workhorse Fitness


Crossfit Soda City is voted Best Crossfit.

Best Crossfit

CrossFit Soda City

Runner-up: Carolina CrossFit 

CrossFit is enough of a fitness phenomenon that this category has some pretty jacked competition, but Crossfit Soda City, with its individualized, highly scalable coaching and steadfast commitment to putting Columbians through high-intensity, functionally-focused workouts, is a cut above. Honorable mentions: Cottontown CrossFit, Workhorse Fitness

Best Pilates

Fit Columbia

Runner-up: The Pilates Studio

Columbia knows that the best place to sweat through an individualized, carefully calibrated pilates session is Fit Columbia, the independently owned and operated fitness studio run by award-winning fitness expert Angela Yong Sellers where each customer receives thoughtful attention and guidance. Honorable mentions: Pilates Bodies By Victoria, The Pilates Studio of Lexington

Best Yoga Studio

City Yoga

Runner-up: Fit Columbia

From downward dogging to crazy planking, City Yoga offers a dizzyingly comprehensive set of classes and trainings across all experience levels for an easy, comfortable flat fee of $10, regardless of selection. Honorable mentions: Hot Yoga Masala, Pink Lotus Yoga Center

Best Hospital

Lexington Medical Center

Runner-up: Prisma Health Richland Hospital

If you’re checking into a hospital, something upsetting is probably going on, so the best course of action when you have a choice is to pick the place you feel you’ll be best cared for. Lexington Medical Center Health gets that nod from our readers this year. Honorable mention: Prisma Health Baptist -Parkridge Hospital, Providence Health

Best Urgent Care

Doctor’s Care

Runner-up: Lexington Medical Center Irmo

Doctor’s Care is still out here providing medical services seven days a week, with extended hours for us working folks. You can get help with lab work, vaccinations, broken bones, work-related injuries, physicals and much more, and they’ll work with you whether you have insurance or not. Honorable mentions: KershawHealth Urgent Care at Elgin, Medcare

Best Acupuncturist

Li Huang

Runner-up: Martin Herbkersman

Dr. Li Huang has been in the acupuncture game since 1988. That’s over 30 years of treating everything from sciatica to sinus problems to chronic fatigue to heartburn. Dr. Huang can also ease your aching back with his chiropractic and spinal decompression services and advise you about herbal medicines. Honorable mentions: Alison Beard, Bill Skelton

Best Chiropractor

The Joint Chiropractic

Runner-up: Columbia Family Chiropractic

You can get that aching back or neck taken care of at the various Columbia locations of The Joint Chiropractic, you can get it done without drugs, you don’t have to have insurance, and your initial visit could cost as little as $29. Sounds like a winner to us. Honorable mentions: Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia, Fields Chiropractic Clinics, PA/Chapin Jennings

Best Massage Therapist

Desi Terry

Runner-up: Nikki B Massage

Need to relax and unclench those muscles? Our readers say that Desi Terry is the person to go to for a massage, whether it’s of the Swedish, hot stone, prenatal, integrative or foot variety. If you need to rejuvenate, eliminate or exfoliate, this is your relaxation destination. Honorable mentions: Royalty By Nature, Spa Cove LLC

Best Dermatology Practice

Columbia Skin Clinic

Runner-up: Carolinas Dermatology Group

That skin you’re running around in is the only one you’re gettin’, so you better take good care of it. The team at Columbia Skin Clinic can take care of that, from general care to skin cancer prevention to Mohs surgery to non-invasive procedures and sculpting. They even do Botox treatments. Honorable mentions: Northeast Dermatology, Palmetto Dermatology

Best Eye Doctor or Group

Columbia Eye Clinic

Runner-up: Devine Eyes

Hey, we know our readers care about the health of their eyes more than anything else — I mean, how else would they read us? And with more than a dozen ophthalmologists across three locations and 24-hour on-call support, Columbia Eye Clinic is a consistent favorite when it comes to taking care of those big ol’ saucers between your ears. Honorable mentions: 20!20 Vision, Eyes on the Lake

Best Family Practice

Lexington Family Practice

Runner-up: SC Internal Medicine Associates and Rehabilitation

Everybody needs proper health care, and the bigger the family, the more people who can get sick. And the more people who can get you sick. So when it’s time to treat Mom, Dad and the kids, Lexington Family Practice is the name to trust. Honorable mentions: All Seasons Medical Associates, Comprehensive Family Medicine

Best Orthopedic Practice

Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedics

Runner-up: Midlands Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

Palmetto Health USC took top honors in two categories this year, and they’re the Best Orthopedics winner because they can treat sprains, strains, fractures, lacerations and chronic conditions. They also have top-notch imaging services so you can tell what, exactly, you did to your knee during that week you took up jogging. Honorable mention: Lexington Orthopedics, Southeastern Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

Best Pediatric Care

Sandhills Pediatrics

Runner-up: Palmetto Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic, P.A.

There’s a lot of kids in Columbia, and somebody has to take care of them. Thankfully we have great folks like the staff at Sandhills Pediatrics, who offer comprehensive care to your children from day one through college graduation at four locations in the Midlands. Honorable mention: Lexington Pediatric Practice, Pediatric Associates

Best Place To Be Born

Lexington Medical Center

Runner-up: Prisma Health Baptist Hospital

It’s not like the babies have a lot of choice in the matter, but Lexington Medical Center is the it place for discerning fetuses to come into the world. The 485-bed, 6,500-employee center has the space and the staff to make expectant mothers feel comfortable and cared for. Honorable mentions: At Home, Prisma Health Richland Hospital

Best Lactation Support

South Carolina Lactation and Newborn Wellness Center

Runner-up: Columbia Lactation Care

Ain’t no shame in making sure your baby is getting the right care, and the South Carolina Lactation and Newborn Wellness Center can help with that. You can count on a full assessment of you, your baby and your feeding goals, and the communication lines to your pediatrician, OB or midwife are open.

Best Physical Therapy Practice

Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedics

Runner-up: Vertex PT Specialists

Palmetto Health USC can help you bounce back from an array of physical injuries, from spinal, back and neck to hand, wrist and elbow, and they also provide pediatric musculoskeletal care. There’s even a sports rehabilitation program to get you — or, you know, someone more athletic — back out on the field. Honorable mentions: Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, Pinnacle Physical Therapy and Personal Training

Best Dentist

32 Dental, Dr. Shivani Patel

Runner-up: Forest Acres Dentistry

We’re not just talking about the regular checkup procedure at 32 Dental. Dr. Shivani Patel and company dive into that mouth and provide dentures, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and cosmetic fix-ups. Then they dive back out with extraction services. Honorable mentions: Forest Drive Dental Care, PA – Joanna Silver Dover, DMD & Sarah Anne Knowlton, DMD; Gee Family & Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. Nicholas Gee, DMD

Best Orthodontist

Richard Boyd

Runner-up: Davis Orthodontics

No one wants to have a favorite orthodontist, but you gotta take care of your chompers. Boyd Orthodontics can do the Invisalign thing, but they also have an early treatment program to spot issues before they get worse, and they can handle adult and adolescent cases. Honorable mentions: Green Orthodontics, Sims Tompkins

Best Home Health Care Service

All Seasons Health

Runner-up: CarePatrol of South Carolina

Whether it’s hospice care or elder care management, All Seasons Health has a team of physicians, clergy, social workers, nurses, aides and volunteers at the ready, and their inclusive approach means the patient’s family gets support, as well. Honorable mentions: All On Board Speech, KH Nursing Services

Best Plastic Surgery Clinic

Lexington Plastic Surgery

Runner-up: Carlin Plastic Surgery

Look, time is undefeated, and it’s battleground is your body. So why not fight back with a little nip and tuck action? Lexington Plastic Surgery is the place to get that done, and they’ve got a ton of positive reviews to prove that. It’s not just about Dr. Todd Lefkowitz’s great work. It’s about his courteous and professional staff, too. Honorable mentions: Endless Vitality Aesthetic Center, Plastic Surgery Consultants, LLC

Best Counselor or Therapist

Jill Smith & Associates

Runner-up: New Hope Counseling & Wellness Center

Jill Smith opened her private practice back in 2006, and she and her team have provided individual therapy, couples counseling, child and adolescent counseling and family therapy to hundreds of patients. We all need a little help sometimes, and people trust Jill and her team to provide that help. Honorable mentions: Melissa Kannaday, M.D.–Midlands Psychiatric Services; Thriveworks

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