Daley's Pronto Pup will be serving pickled corn dogs this year at the South Carolina State Fair.

Judging by a photo on the fair's website — and some internet research by Free Times — it appears this new delicacy involves either a long thin slice of pickle wrapped around a hot dog and then battered and fried; or an entire pickle, cored, with a hot dog shoved inside, then battered and fried (both methods are common at other state fairs). It does not, to our chagrin, appear to involve actual pickled meat — but we're going to eat one anyway.

Also new to the fair this year: a series of savory sundaes, including a Steak Sundae, Shrimp and Grits Sundae, Pulled Pork Sundae, Breakfast Sundae and Bayou Bowl Sundae.

Other new foods include Cracker Jack caramel sundaes, deep fried cinnamon rolls and a quesadilla burger.

The fair runs Oct. 12-23 this year.

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