Avocado Tartine at smallSUGAR

smallSUGAR's Avocado Tartine

what: Avocado Tartine

cost: $7

where: smallSUGAR, 709 Gervais St. (behind Newk’s), 803-722-7506, smallsugarsc.com

Many millennia ago, back in the Pliocene Epoch, giant ground sloths who could stand seven feet tall on their hind legs roamed the grassy plains of South America chowing down on whole avocados and spreading their seeds. So you can thank those elephant-sized sloths of yore for helping to pioneer an enduring craze that would later only half-jokingly be blamed for millennials’ inability to afford a down payment on their first home.

smallSUGAR manages to dole out exquisite, competition-caliber avocado toast without leaving diners feeling guilty for having blown their food budget.

It all starts with a thick slice of their round and rustic country loaf, a freshly baked daily 40 percent whole-wheat sourdough made with Carolina Ground flour milled in Asheville.

Then there’s a generous smearing of the delicious, heart-healthy, nutrient-packed green stuff. The avocado is delicately seasoned with delightfully smoky Aleppo chili flakes and dressed up with thinly sliced radishes, dill, green onions and microgreens. As with all their tartines, it comes with a side salad simply dressed in olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar … so it’s a smart order for those looking to jack up their veggie intake.  

But you’ll need tremendous willpower to leave smallSUGAR’s front counter without a pastry in hand. Resistance is particularly futile when they have their banana pudding croissants stuffed with vanilla-banana curd and topped with torched Italian meringue sitting out.

smallSUGAR is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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