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To-Do List: Socially distanced columbia arts and entertainment picks (July 8-15)

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A Night at the Drive-In: Creed, Black Panther

Actor and producer Michael B. Jordan has teamed with Amazon Studios to present A Night at the Drive-In, a free summer screening series he curated. Presented every other week, the double bills are designed to celebrate multicultural voices in cinema. The next program comes to The Big Mo (a short drive away from Columbia in Monetta). Entitled “Movies to Make You Proud,” it includes sports drama Creed and superhero saga Black Panther, both of which star Jordan. Attendance to the 8 p.m. screening block on July 15 is free. Find more info at PAT MORAN


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Superchunk’s Clambakes series

I miss live music. A lot. And while I’m not ready to go to any kind of traditional concert that might be happening amid alarming COVID-19 case numbers, I can still listen to live records. Which I’ve been doing. A lot. Bully for me then that Superchunk — for my money, one of the very best live bands in indie rock — recently put the bulk of its largely live Clambakes rarities series on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify. It’s full of sets — Vol. 3 (recorded at the group’s home venue, North Carolina’s Cat’s Cradle, in 1999) and Vol. 10 (recorded in Japan in 2009), for instance — that wonderfully showcase the group’s electric and evergreen mix of punk sneer and pop-rock exuberance. JORDAN LAWRENCE


Gone With the Wind

Okay, bear with me. I know a few weeks ago I dogged the hell out of Gone With the Wind, but one night, with bourbon in tow, I decided to give it another shot after last seeing it two decades ago. And it is still pretty racist, but has enough going for it for me to be able to hate-watch it. Take a shot every time you see a racist thing, though you may want to pause when Mammy appears on the screen the first time — you’ll be hammered in seconds, and it’s a four-hour movie. Find it streaming on HBO Max. PREACH JACOBS


The Old Vic Theatre: Mood Music

“The music industry isn’t about healing heartbreak and vulnerability. It’s about selling it.” Mood Music is a timely play about power, passion and the price of creativity. As a songwriter and her producer descend into a bitter legal battle over song rights, the drama dives deep into the darkest recesses of the music industry, while raising haunting questions about the fate of artists like Chris Cornell and Amy Winehouse. Watch Old Vic’s production for free from 2 p.m. July 8 to 2 p.m. July 14 on this side of the pond via PAT MORAN



Given the renewed attention to the Tulsa race massacres and given both the incredible energy and spirit of the recent Black Lives Matter protests and our president’s patented blend of blundering buffoonery and general malevolence, now is a great time to explore Damon Lindelof’s electrifying HBO “remix” of the beloved comic book classic Watchmen. The nine-episode series begins with scenes of the angry white mobs back in 1921 and then lands in a present rife with publicly flaunted racism and everybody having to wear masks. It was designed to be dystopic, but it’s really starting to look more and more like the front page of the newspaper every passing day. All episodes are available to stream. KYLE PETERSEN


DJ Jazzy Jeff Summertime mixes

Every July 4, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie have been making summertime mixtapes, and they are all brilliant. It looks like this year they understandably held back — maybe because of the new lens on July 4 or because Jazzy Jeff recently overcame COVID. But one thing is for sure: The 10 volumes they have are really awesome and maybe they can do these again every Juneteenth instead. They are all free, and easily searchable. Enjoy. PREACH JACOBS


Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

There’s a story about a room full of movie execs brainstorming an idea for a comedy and one head honcho walks in and says, “Will Ferrell in NASCAR.” That was enough to make Talladega Nights. That type of approach seems to continue with Eurovision, with someone saying, “Hey, Will Ferrell as a European singer.” I mean, what else are you going to watch? We’ve seen Anchorman a million times. Try something new. The movie recently debuted on Netflix. PREACH JACOBS


Livestream Monday: Guitarist Alberto Lombardi

Guitarist Alberto Lombardi contains multitudes. True to his Italian heritage, his capering cross-picking summons the Spaghetti Western soundscapes of Ennio Morricone. But he also bends electrified blue notes like Stevie Ray Vaughan, sweep picks with the front porch authenticity of Chet Atkins, and unfurls intricate folk that pulls the listener into a twisting hedgerow maze. His weekly livestreams feature acoustic and electric guitar, and even a little singing. Tips Appreciated: Find the set on July 13 at 3:30 p.m. at PAT MORAN


Make your own salsa

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues onward unabated and curbs your appetite for eating out, it’s obviously time to update your homemade salsa game. The jarred stuff at the grocery is so obviously inferior, and a few simple fresh ingredients (tomatoes, garlic, onion, lime juice, peppers, cilantro) is both dependably excellent and a jumping off point for your own creativity. Add and subtract ingredients, mix and match styles, dive off into the deep end of the dizzying possibilities of the chiles world. KYLE PETERSEN

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