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To-Do List: Arts and entertainment picks for Columbians in self-isolation (May 27-June 3)

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Morihiko Nakahara

Morihiko Nakahara conducts the South Carolina Philharmonic.


Telescope Live Stream

The Midlands Astronomy Club regularly hosts meet-ups during normal times for people to socialize and look at the wonders of the cosmos (at least those visible through a telescope with a city’s light as the backdrop). To tide folks over as they figure out how to get back amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the club is hosting weekly telescope live-streams via its Facebook page, focusing on a different celestial object every Thursday (including May 28). JORDAN LAWRENCE


South Carolina Philharmonic at Home

Until IT can re-establish the connection between artist and audience that live performances bring, the South Carolina Philharmonic has been doing the next best thing — posting memorable concerts from their archives, all recorded at the Koger Center for the Arts. Saint-Saëns’ Symphony No. 3 in C minor is on deck. “I gave everything to it I was able to give,” Saint-Saëns once said of the piece. “What I have accomplished here, I will never achieve again.” The selection IS freely accessible via PAT MORAN



Interested in laughing at some absurd political theater that doesn’t have real world consequences for once? Armando Ianucci’s masterful political satire Veep has you covered. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ multi-Emmy winning performance as Vice President Selina Meyer cements her as an all-time comedic treasure, as her character bumbles her way through a seemingly endless, highly conceited rat race to become president. With all seven seasons streaming via HBO, there’s no better time for a binge watch. CAM POWELL


Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes’ What Kinda Music

A collaborative release from producer and musician Tom Misch and drummer Yussef Dayes, What Kinda Music showcases the two Londoners feeding off one another’s energy to create a dark landscape steeped in layers of jazz, R&B and electro-pop. Dayes’ chops are on full display with the drums sitting perfectly high in the mix, setting the table for Misch’s echoing guitar and smooth vocal delivery to push their sonic expanse outward. This record pairs best with late-night, street-light-illuminated city drives or the slow burn of an evening joint on the porch. CAM POWELL


SONiA & Disappear Fear live-stream

Combine Joni Mitchell’s poetry, the Indigo Girls’ swarming harmonies, and Richie Havens’ percussive, propulsive guitar, and you’ll get a rough approximation of SONiA & Disappear Fear. Enfolded in catchy indie folk tunes, frontwoman Sonia Rutstein delivers messages of feminist power, LGBT activism and enduring hope. She celebrates Love Out Loud, a new compilation of her most popular LGBT songs, with a free Facebook live-stream album release and Pride party at 8 p.m. on June 1. PAT MORAN



The low-key best show on television right now is HBO’s Insecure. Led by actress and creator Issa Rae, its depiction of 30-something black woman in L.A. seeking to balance love, life, sex and friendship as is immensely refreshing. In the ongoing fourth season, Issa is beefing with her BFF, and if we were back at work with water coolers we would be talking about it every Monday morning. PREACH JACOBS


Stars of the Lid

Turning to ambient or instrumental music can be its own form of solace in trying times, and there’s something comforting and warmly enveloping about the slow-bore, almost tidal orchestral drone created by the post-rock duo Stars of the Lid, which released seven albums from 1995 to 2007. Created through extensive use of effects pedals and treated instrumentation, it’s the perfect blend of slowcore indie rock, electronic minimalism, and pillowy orchestral film score that can provide the soft-hew color clouds your weary brain desires. KYLE PETERSEN



After every sports fan had their eyes glued to ESPN every Sunday for five weeks to watch The Last Dance chronicle Michael Jordan’s final ride with the Chicago Bulls, the network will look to keep the foot on the gas with another sports doc. LANCE is a two-part look at Lance Armstrong, where he reportedly tells all about his rise to and fall from grace in the public eye. Guess we’ll all be stuck on ESPN for a little while longer. The first part is available to stream via the network’s platforms, and the second installment debuts at 9 p.m. on May 31. PREACH JACOBS


Purge your stuff

There’s no doubt that the world into which we’ll emerge post-COVID-19 will be different than one we left behind. If we allow the boredom and stress to ramble their way into reflection, we might see areas where we can grow closer to our immediate communities, become more self-sufficient, and more mindful of what we acquire and accumulate. There’s no better time than the present to purge the detritus of consumption. Dig the old clothes out of the closet and make a drop at Goodwill, or find a way to fix or repurpose old curios. No need to go full-on ascetic, or drink the joyous Marie Kondo Kool-Aid, but I find clearing out space often helps clear the mind as well. BRYAN C. REED


The Beerists and Doughboys

Last week, I wrote in this space about listening to podcasts where people debate and joke about popular culture, an activity I don’t get enough of during these socially distanced days. This week, I’d like to recommend two other podcasts where people debate and joke, but this time about things you put in your mouth. The Beerists features a knowledgeable and hilarious Austin-based crew of craft beer lovers tasting brews from all over the country and globe. Doughboys review chain restaurants (with this months “Topical Freeze” episodes, they’re switching to frozen foods as a nod to many of their listeners’ homebound circumstances) with help from impressive comic guest such as Nailed It! host Nicole Byer and Parks & Recreation/The Good Place favorite Jason Mantzoukas. JORDAN LAWRENCE

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