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To-Do List: Arts and entertainment picks for Columbians in self-isolation (March 25-31)

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Woody Jones handles records with gloves at Papa Jazz Record Shoppe, which is offering free shipping on phone and email orders in response to COVID-19. Photo by Thomas Hammond


Live-Stream Concerts

Free Times is maintaining a running list of such concerts — including the weekly ColaJazz broadcast from The White Mule, which will return for its second outing on March 25 at 8 p.m., showcasing gifted players who could really use your donations during these gig-less days. Watch that concert at ColaJazz’s Facebook page, and head to for more live-stream concerts. JORDAN LAWRENCE


Quarry and Dave

Looking to binge-watch something during your quarantine but also keep it local? Check out the Cinemax series Quarry, written and created by hometown guy Michael D. Fuller. The fascinating 2016 show following a disillusioned Vietnam War vet lasts just one season, so you can treat it like a mini-series. If you’re looking for something newer and funnier, check out the FX series Dave. Lead actor Dave Burd, aka rapper Lil Dicky, is nothing short of brilliant in it. Think Atlanta but set in L.A. with a neurotic Jewish emcee as the lead instead of Donald Glover. PREACH JACOBS


Order Something From Papa Jazz

Papa Jazz Record Shoppe in Five Points is closed for walk-in customers. But the store is still open for phone (803-256-0095) and email ( orders, with free shipping. And the shop’s super-knowledgeable Woody Jones, ever up to talk you through what music you should buy, isn’t stopping either. Every day at 2 p.m., he takes to Facebook Live via the store’s page, offering a virtual perusal of interesting offerings. Check in with him and get you some new vinyl to spin during your time at home. JORDAN LAWRENCE


Play Cards via FaceTime

Social distancing doesn’t need to keep you from being social. Get together with your friends via technology. The latest iPhone update allows you to FaceTime video chat with up to 32 people. So pour a drink, grab a deck of cards and play card games through the digital connection. Some of my personal favorites have been Rummy, Golf and BS. Make sure your FaceTime is set to widescreen, though — we all have those friends who like to bend the rules, if you know what I mean. HALLIE HAYES


The Great British Baking Show

It sounds ridiculous, but there’s nothing more cocooning than watching this ostensible reality/competition show on Netflix where the stakes are so low — there’s no money at stake, just pride — and the creations are so tantalizing. Plus the workaday amateur bakers are endearing, the not-really-scary judges charming, and the quirky Britishisms and low-key queerness are the luxurious icing and piping on the cake. If you have to be curled on the couch for days on end, you can do worse than tunneling out on mouthwatering baked goods. KYLE PETERSEN


Radiohead’s OK Computer

Let’s be clear: Thom Yorke and company didn’t predict the future with OK Computer back in 1997. Yet, their dystopian art rock masterpiece feels both uncomfortably prescient and should be required listening in this social vacuum. “Electioneering” and “Karma Police” paint pictures of heightened political division. “Paranoid Android” and “Fitter Happier” weave technological uncertainty amid widespread human unrest. On the bright side, the extraterrestrial visitors from “Subterranean Homesick Alien” haven’t shown up — yet. CAM POWELL


Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends and Normal People

I don’t know if you need all of the emotional drama of Irish novelist Sally Rooney during such times of heightened insecurity, but I binged through her two novels recently and found them to be thoroughly engrossing and escapist in their explorations of Millennial love, angst and ennui in a thankfully pandemic-free European world of the recent past. There’s a nice balance of beach read pulp and literary seriousness to them to boot. KYLE PETERSEN


Monty Python’s Flying Circus

“And now, for something completely different.” Monty Python’s signature skit transition perfectly encapsulates the surreal nature of our current global situation. Thankfully, Flying Circus, the legendary British comedy sextet’s first television offering, provides a healthy dose of absurdism to brighten the corners of these strange days. With four seasons streaming in full on Netflix, totaling roughly 22 hours of off-kilter wit, the binge-ability is high. Bonus points if you’ve got any mind-altering substances to aid your viewing. CAM POWELL


Dogleg or Bonny Light Horsemen

In the Age of Social Distancing, it’s important to be able to self-select for moments of cathartic charge or quiet reverie. For the latter, I recommend putting on the self-titled debut record from Bonny Light Horsemen, an indie folk group featuring Anais Mitchell and Fruit Bats’ Eric Johnson and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Kaufman, that makes new magic with odd bits and pieces of old folk songs. If you’re needing the melee of the former, Dogleg’s latest, called Melee, brings the sweaty rage and cascading barrage of guitars and drums from the club right into your living room. KYLE PETERSEN


Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage

Up until drummer Neal Peart died earlier this year, the 2010 documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage was an opportunity to see three men make some of best rock music and worst fashion choices in history. Now that Peart is gone, streaming the doc on Netflix has become a tribute to his intelligence, brilliance and sensitivity. Yes, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are both great players, but Peart was one of the best who ever lived, and it’s fascinating watching him develop and tinker with his technique throughout his career. VINCENT HARRIS


Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony

Hip-hop fans waited for over a decade to get a proper album from rapper Jay Electronica. We finally got it with the March 13 release of A Written Testimony, which heavily features Jay-Z. For curiosity’s sake, you should check it out to form your own opinion. And I wish I had a larger word count to list all of my concerns with the record. It’s generated more conversations between me and my friends than any record released in a while. But if I had to give it a one word review? Underwhelming. PREACH JACOBS

Editor’s Note: Given the social distancing we should all embrace to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, this week’s list — and those for the foreseeable future — will feature suggestions for things you can do at home without having to go out.

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