The Gospel According to Andre

Wednesday 18

We’ve watched as unlikely classic rock figures ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Steely Dan suddenly become cool again, so it makes sense that either the fastball-pitching Steve Miller Band or dorky guitar savant Peter Frampton, two commercial titans in their late-’70s heyday, might be next to ride a hipster wave of cool. Or maybe it’s cooler to revel in ’70s rock tunes that haven’t been repurposed to soundtrack a shopping experience at Urban Outfitters? Frampton, show us the way. Miller and Frampton hit Colonial Life Arena tonight. Show starts at 7 p.m. with tickets starting at $58. Head to for more. — Kyle Petersen

Thursday 19

Little town ... something, something ... Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Town Theatre opens its production of Beauty & the Beast tonight at 7:30 p.m. If you’re not familiar with the show — yeah, just kidding. But if there’s anything community theatre was meant to do, it was to deliver on the pure romanticism and fantastical joy of a Disney-certified fairy tale. So try not to worry about the fact that the teapot talks. The show runs through July 29 and tickets (which run from $15 to $25) are on sale at — Kye Petersen

You may know Stormy Daniels from such films as The Witches of Breastwick and Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Atlantic City — but you probably know her better as the porn star who claims to have porked now-President Donald Trump and got paid $130,000 to keep it quiet before the election. She hits West Columbia strip club Platinum West Thursday night, and if her recent club appearances are any guide, she’ll do some turns on the stage along with a meet-and-greet for fans. Tickets are $20 in advance (call 803-794-6277) and $25 at the door; those dressed as Trump get in for half-price, and those dressed like Hillary Clinton get in free. — Eva Moore

Friday 20

In a stand-up performance at the Comedy House back in 2010, comedian Shaun Jones didn’t seem too impressed with Columbia. “I am happy to be here, boy, hell yeah. Y’all got a lot of stuff to do here,” he cracked, before lamenting the lackluster quality of our gentlemen’s clubs. “You let anybody strip here,” Jones quipped. “You don’t give a s#!t, do you?” And yet he keeps coming back. Guess he was joking after all. He plays the third in a five-night stand at the Comedy House tonight with performance at 7:30 and 10 p.m.; tickets are $10. Visit for more information. — Patrick Wall

Saturday 21

So how does the South Carolina State Museum come by all its wonderful artifacts, anyway? Well, the museum’s History Day will tell you: The daylong collection of events explores how the museum collects artifacts and creates exhibitions, and it offers opportunities to meet and talk with historians and take special behind-the-scenes tours, among other offerings. History Day activities are free with regular museum admission, and events run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit for more information. — Patrick Wall

Sunday 22

There won’t be any crickets chirping during tonight’s Columbia Fireflies game at Spirit Communications Park tonight. They’ll all be turned into what the stadium is calling the hot new summer baseball snack. In partnership with Terminix Services, they’ll be serving up free barbecue-flavored crickets to curious fans. We’re not so sure about these, but we’re certain that we want to be there at 2 p.m. to watch people give these leggy morsels a nibble. Tickets to the game range from $5 to $10. Visit for more information. — April Blake

Monday 23

South Carolina Progressive Network communications director Becci Robbins wants you to know about the South Carolina history that’s been buried — like the militant interracial Southern Negro Youth Congress that arose in the late 1930s, or the killings of striking textile workers in Honea Path. The launch for her new free booklet History Denied, funded by the Richland County Recreation Commission, is tonight at the Seibels House from 5:30-7 p.m. Admission and booklets are free. More info available at — Eva Moore

The sinking cost of professional-grade audio equipment and the increase in information about recording techniques available on the internet have made it easier than ever to record your own music — or podcast or whatever — in the comfort of your own home. Still, the professionals know best: Venerable Rosewood recording studio the Jam Room hosts a Waves Workshop at 7 p.m., where it’ll teach you plugins from Waves Audio to help you streamline your workflow. It won’t make you Steve Albini, but, hey, you’ll learn something. Admission is free; visit for more information. — Patrick Wall

Tuesday 24

You better wear your Sunday best for The Gospel According to André, a deep-dive documentary that traces the life and times of fashion icon and journalist André Leon Talley. The Durham, North Carolina native is most recognizable for his stint as a judge on America’s Next Top Model, but the film explains his experience growing up in a segregated South and then grappling with the racism of the professional world he devoted his life to as he cut his own stylish path into fashion history. The doc screens at the Nickelodeon Theatre at 6:30 p.m. Tickets cost $11. More info available at — Kyle Petersen

Wednesday 25

Dig wildlife? Been looking for a reason to take an evening trek out to Lake Murray? Well, how does a boat trip to check out hundreds of thousands of purple martins flying to nest out at the lake’s Bomb Island sound? Intimate, six-passenger sunset cruises leave from Wingard’s Market at 7 p.m. most nights during the summer. Tickets cost $35 ($25 for children 12 and under). For more, head to — Jordan Lawrence 

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