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1 or 2 — Episode 25: Mark Rapp and Brendan Bull

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Tip jar for Mark Rapp and Brendan Bull

Expectations were made to be defied.

For me, one of the great pleasures in life is encountering art and music that do exactly that.

And so I hope it might be when I tell you that this week’s “1 or 2” performance features two local jazz mainstays — Mark Rapp, best known as a trumpeter, and Brendan Bull, best known as a drummer — and you then see them playing didgeridoo and cajon.

Their jam in the Upstairs Gallery at the University of South Carolina's Koger Center is far-removed from traditional notions of jazz.

They focus on the textural depth of the didgeridoo in the opening moments, Rapp conjuring sounds that are calming but daunting in a way that should please fans of drone music (or perhaps cause the uninitiated to seek it out). They then ratchet into a galloping rhythm, with Rapp playing his instrument such that it’s sometimes reminiscent of beat-boxing.

Rapp and ColaJazz, the scene-boosting nonprofit that he leads, have been seeking creative ways to connect with audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting frequent live-streams during the early stages of the crisis and now getting back out with some socially distanced outdoor concerts. If you’re still uncomfortable with the latter, we hope this week’s video works as a substitute.

"1 or 2" is a socially distanced performance series aimed at keeping Columbians connected with local artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, and allowing those artists to get paid for their work when such opportunities are scant. Free Times remains grateful to our partners in this endeavor — One Columbia, Richland Library and SceneSC — for helping us keep it going.

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