COLUMBIA — Former Gov. Mark Sanford made his first appearance on Fox News today in his new role as an paid contributor.

Sanford, who recently landed the spot on the network, appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss his opposition to President Barack Obama's jobs bill.

"Everybody wants the proverbial boogie man in the world of taxes: 'Tax that other guy. He can take care of it,' " Sanford said via satellite from Charleston. "... The numbers just aren't there."

Sanford, a Republican who left office in January after two terms, also talked about and the ongoing labor dispute that stemmed from the Boeing Co.'s decision to locate in North Charleston.

Sanford resurfaced publicly for the time in August on Sean Hannity's show. Sanford discussed his time spent on his family farm since he left office and his thoughts on the country's current economic troubles.

Sanford's public admission of an extramarital affair in 2009 led to the end of his political career. At one-time he was considered to be a possible 2012 presidential contender.

Fox has said Sanford will play a role in the network's debate in South Carolina in January.