Ladson-based Force Protection Inc. has won a contract to build 40 of its largest armored vehicles, the company said today.

The buyer of the company's Buffalo trucks is the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command. The contract is valued at $46.6 million.

All work will be performed in Ladson. It and is expected to be completed by October.

The four-passenger, six-wheel-drive Buffalo weighs in at about 45,300 pounds. Among other safety features, it is equipped with a 30-foot remote-controlled arm that checks for roadside mines and other buried explosive devices in war zones.

"The demand for Buffalo continues to be solid due to its effectiveness as the premier route clearance vehicle available today," said Randy Hutcherson, Force Protection's chief operating officer.

Separately, the company said an existing military service contract for its line of Cougar blast-resistant trucks was modified by $11.4 million on March 31. The terms call for 46 company field representatives to install parts and conduct general maintenance work on vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq. The work will be completed by Dec. 31.