Worker shortage temporarily shuts La Pizzeria

(Mic Smith/Staff) 1/8/08

The chronic restaurant worker shortage this week forced La Pizzeria to take a sabbatical, but owner Zaza Nakaidze says the popular Mt. Pleasant restaurant will reopen on Apr. 28.

“We needed a little break,” Nakaidze says. “We were understaffed for a few months, and it took a toll on the whole crew.”

La Pizzeria opened in 2007. According to its website, the house specialty is “Italian comfort food,” but devoted fans cite the restaurant’s use of fresh, local ingredients; thin-crust pies and friendly service in online raves.

Nakaidze closed the restaurant on Sunday; he’s now vacationing in New Orleans.

“We had a few applicants, but still looking,” he says. “Unless I decide to stay here. New Orleans is magnificent this time of year.”