Wife and mom Morgana Ross encourages home cooking

Morgana Ross

Morgana Ross owns a pop culture gift company and homeschools her two sons.

The boys had Cheerios, but I didn't have breakfast. That's normal, it really is. Usually by the time I get going for the day, it's 10:30 and it doesn't feel like breakfast anymore.

I did get to sit down and eat lunch. We had leftover Chinese from Mr. Hibachi; there are only like three places that deliver (at her home). I had an egg roll and pepper steak. I like mine spicy, so I usually add an extra spoon of sriracha. It just needs like that little extra. I'm a Texan: I'm used to spice, because that's how my mom made it.

For dinner, technically we had pork chops au poivre, which is just pork chops with pepper. And then we did parmesan and garlic redskin potatoes with a little bit of cream.

Dinner I almost always cook from scratch. My older son has ADHD, and we've discovered that artificial colors and flavors overstimulate him. I'm not talking about (that) he's a little twitchy; I'm talking about he needs a straitjacket. Processed food, especially MSG, will set him off. But then the other boy is allergic to peanuts. So cooking is the cheapest way. The only thing I splurge on is mock peanut butter: I spend six bucks on a jar of soy butter.

I didn't have dessert. My husband has a small bowl of cookie dough ice cream. He's gotten very conscious of portion sizes. My husband drinks a lot of Cherry Coke. I drink root beer: caffeinated, specifically. With dinner, I had a glass of root beer. I was pregnant six months ago, and that's what I craved nonstop.

I think people really need to know it's not as difficult as it seems to cook at home. You don't have to be a millionaire or a tourist to eat well. You can go get some local cabbage and cook it up.

as told to Hanna Raskin