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Welcome to The Winnow, a Southern food podcast

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The Post and Courier's food editor Hanna Raskin and Southern Living's contributing barbecue editor Robert Moss in 2016 teamed up to launch The Winnow, a podcast devoted to what's happening in the Southern food world. 

Each week, Raskin and Moss delve into current topics ranging from Charleston's newest restaurants to boiled peanut season, as well as sample various local dishes on-air. (They've learned to chew quietly.) Guests who've joined the hosts include bartender Tiffanie Barriere, pitmaster Rodney Scott and restaurateur Brooks Reitz.

How to listen

There are multiple ways to listen to The Winnow:

About the show

The show is released every Wednesday in conjunction with the food section. Unlike the printed page, though, it has theme music: To hear more from The Bluestone Ramblers, visit

About the name: The Winnow reflects the show's primary objective, which is to focus on the stuff that really matters. But it's also a tribute to Charleston's history of rice production: Fanner baskets, replicated in sweetgrass for visitors to buy as souvenirs, were originally designed to winnow rice grains.

In addition to contributing occasional features to The Post and Courier, Moss is Southern Living's contributing barbecue editor and the Southern food correspondent for Serious Eats.

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