There's much about this week's food section that undoubtedly looks familiar: The feature story anchoring the front page, the video recipe and the culinary events calendar, for example, haven't changed. But beginning today, we're resetting the table with a more sumptuous feast.

We're very proud to present a section that's as bold and dynamic as the culinary scene we chronicle. Within these pages - and yes, there are more of them - you'll find in-depth coverage of the people, places and ideas helping to define what it means to eat in Charleston right now. The print section is complemented by a fully redesigned website, which will serve as your first source of news about local food-and-drink achievements, trends and happenings.

To better acquaint you with the section, here's a short guide to our new standing columns:

Fresh Take: Starring a fruit, vegetable or fish that's at the peak of its season, Fresh Take provides seven quick facts about the featured item. We'll share historical and nutritional information, along with tips for growing, buying and preparing the ingredient. The column's rounded out with a recipe provided by a local chef.

Diners' Dictionary: Menu terms can be maddeningly opaque. To help you make sense of the strange terms you encounter in restaurants, we'll define a foreign or esoteric word popping up on local menus.

Daily Digest: Since chefs aren't the only people who interact with food on a regular basis, we're asking Charlestonians to tell us what they ate over the course of a single day.

Now Open: A photographic tour of one of the city's newest bars or restaurants. And if it's images you're after, you'll be pleased to discover the expanded online photo galleries that now accompany our restaurant reviews.

Liquid Assets: We're stepping up our coverage of local beverage trends, showcasing the latest in cocktails, beer, wine, coffee and much more, with and without alcohol.

Dine Like a Charlestonian: Visitors and new residents are perpetually curious about what makes the city's dining culture unique. Each edition of Dine Like a Charlestonian will feature a restaurant, dish, behavior or ingredient that's essential to eating, Charleston-style.

Sum of its Parts: The very best restaurant dishes incorporate lots of different elements, many of which the average diner might not ever notice. For Sum of its Parts, we'll ask chefs to explain the inspiration and logistics behind each component in a pictured dish.

Farmers Market: This new advertising space within the section is dedicated to food-related classified ads. Use it as a guide to finding produce, meat and dairy items for sale at farms across the Lowcountry. See who's selling fresh seafood and fish and connect with the growing number of local food and drink makers and their products.

Most of the country already knows that Charleston is a premier eating destination. But there's so much more to know about farming, fishing, cooking, eating, drinking and dining in our city.

With The Post and Courier's new print and online food sections, we have an unprecedented opportunity to share these important stories with you. We hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions about the new section, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us.

And the daily television listings and comics pages can now be found in the South section.

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