Warehouse plans group feast for Valentine’s

Leroy Burnell/postandcourier.com 9/5/2013

Traditionally, diners without dates have felt like they only have two choices on Valentine’s Day: Stay home, or eat surrounded by lovey-dovey two-tops. This year, though, Warehouse is organizing a family-style feast for “all valentines of all kinds.”

“We’re welcoming couples that want something more loose and lively, and singles who may not want to wallow in their singlehood,” says Warehouse chef Emily Hahn, adding, “I am proud and happy to say I am one of those singles.”

Hahn and Artisan Meat Share chef Bob Cook are preparing a series of shareable appetizers and composed small plates showcasing local game and fish, including marinated clams and mussels. The menu is still being developed, but Hahn says, “There’s definitely going to be duck liver mousse. Anything that has a body part, we’re going to try to include in this.”

Warehouse is hosting a bluegrass band to accompany the collaboration, officially titled “The Savage South.”

“We wanted to do something playful,” Hahn says.

The 6 p.m. dinner is priced at $50 a person; only 99 tickets are being sold, and the fee doesn’t include drinks. For more information, visit wearewarehouse.com.