Up Sh*m Creek beer

Up Sh*m Creek 


Commissioned beer: Up Sh*m Creek by Revelry Brewing

What is it?

Up Sh*m Creek is an India Pale Lager created by Ryan Coker, head brewer at Revelry Brewing, for Tavern & Table Restaurant and Red’s Ice House (Mount Pleasant and Seabrook Island). It also is available at the Tasting Room at Revelry Brewing.

What’s the story?

Crafting a local beer to complement restaurant menus and brew pubs has taken on a life of its own since 2011.

Common to wine lists where pairings are established to showcase the flavors of a dish and its ingredients, the craft beer movement gives a nod to this collaboration in its own fashion through custom beers brewed for seasonal or complementary purposes.

Skipper Kress, bar manager at Red’s Icehouse had a “boat beer” in mind when he approached Sean Fleming and Ryan Coker at Revelry Brewing to develop a summer beer for both Tavern & Table and the two Red’s Ice House locations.

Who’s selling it?

  • Tavern & Table, 100 Church St., Mount Pleasant
  • Red’s Ice House, 98 Church St., Mount Pleasant and 

1882 Andell Bluff Blvd., Seabrook Island

  • Revelry Brewing, 10 Conroy St., Charleston

What’s the price?

Restaurant pricing: 12-ounce can $6, draft $8

At Revelry: 12-ounce can $5

What’s the flavor?

A crisp, dry Pilsner-style lager. It is dry hopped with Citra hops. This India Pale Lager has an ABV of 5 percent. Coker and his team used lager yeast to keep the crispness factor high. This beer has a light body that quenches thirst and has a clean finish without any alcohol in overdrive.

Can be enjoyed on or off the boat.

— Deidre Schipani