Fiber Plus ... added cost

Mr. Tidbit has monitored the progress of General Mills' Fiber One brand up and down the supermarket aisles. Now he must tell you that the same thing appears to be happening to Kellogg's Fiber Plus brand. In addition to the three flavors of Fiber Plus Antioxidants cereal and four varieties of Fiber Plus Antioxidants chewy bars, Kellogg's produces two kinds of Eggo Fiber Plus frozen waffles: Fiber Plus Antioxidants chocolate chip waffles and, in a departure for the brand, Fiber Plus Calcium buttermilk waffles. A serving (two waffles) of either version provides 9 grams of fiber -- 35 percent of the daily value.

The nutrition profiles for both waffles are similar. And although they typically sell for the same price as other Eggo waffles (and all the waffles weigh 1.2 ounces each), the box of regular Eggos contains 10 waffles, and the box of Fiber Plus waffles contains only eight. So each Fiber Plus waffle costs 25 percent more.