Gluten-free Krispies

Now there's gluten-free Kellogg's Rice Krispies, but it's not the result of removing the malt flavoring from Rice Krispies.

No, maybe for folks who would somehow miss the malt flavoring, there's still regular Rice Krispies; gluten-free Rice Krispies is an additional product.

Instead of the white rice used in regular Rice Krispies, the gluten-free product is made with brown rice. A Kellogg's headline calls it "a gluten-free option with the same beloved sound."

So is the malt flavoring in regular Rice Krispies there to contribute to the trademarked sound (made by brown rice but not by unaided white rice)? If so, which does malt flavoring do: "snap," crackle" or "pop"?

Better Oats

You might not have noticed, but Mr. Tidbit tries to avoid discussing new grocery products that wouldn't easily be found at most stores -- sparing you from reading about house brands from supermarkets you never visit and from longing for odd little boutique products you'll never find.

Sometimes it takes Mr. Tidbit a while to notice that while he has been scrupulously ignoring some product of the latter sort at one of the stores he visits, he has been scrupulously ignoring it almost everywhere else, too.

All of that is by way of apologizing for Mr. Tidbit's delayed recognition that Better Oats is not a niche product, placed in a few stores by somebody's nephew.

In fact it's a set of nine lines of oatmeal and related products, offering a total of 29 choices of content, consistency and flavor, and it's widely available.