How sweet potato

Not long ago, Ore-Ida (which seems to own half of the frozen-food aisle with its many shapes of bits of frozen potato) introduced frozen sweet-potato fries. And now there are two more shapes of them, all in 19-ounce bags. Where Mr. Tidbit saw them, the first version -- straight-cut fries -- sells for $3.69. The two new ones -- crinkle-cut and steak-cut -- are $3.94.

Price no slice

Recently, when discussing Pepperidge Farm's new open-face Milano Slices cookies, Mr. Tidbit distressingly failed to mention that, while bags of other varieties of Milano cookies weigh from 6 to 7 1/2 ounces and contain 15 or 16 sandwich cookies, the bag of 15 Milano Slices weighs just 5 ounces because -- toffee sprinkles notwithstanding -- each Milano Slice is only one cookie instead of a sandwich. Naturally, Milano Slices are the same price as the other, two-cookie Milanos.