Dexter Mitchell

Dexter Mitchell. Staff/Stephanie Barna

Dexter Mitchell lives downtown

I eat a lot of dough. I work in the kitchens at Callie's Biscuits and Mellow Mushroom. We had a staff meeting at Mellow Mushroom in the morning and they served us French toast casserole. It was really doughy and undercooked and it was not good at all. I had some really good bacon and black Starbucks coffee with it. I'm just now getting into coffee. It was all right. 

Later I went to Taco Bell and I had three rice and bean cheesy burritos. Those were really good. 

I closed at work and had a spin-dip calzone. That was dank. It's basically spinach-artichoke dip, one of our appetizers, and you put it in the calzone. I was closing with a manager and she said let's make this. 

I drink a bunch of water throughout the day and drink some sweet tea, too. After work I had a Sierra Nevada Summerfest.  

At Callie's in the morning, I had a cinnamon biscuit and some grits. I eat a lot of grits. Our grits are A-one. I add cheese to those, and I scrambled some eggs. We have oven-baked eggs, but I scrambled some in a pan because I like those better. 

I like to eat for experience. Every time I put food in my mouth is a monumental occasion. 

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