Betty's Diner Chocolate Milkshake (copy)

The chocolate milkshake at Betty's Diner, made from Cirsea ice cream. Staff/Stephanie Barna

Kelly Chu is an international gelato ambassador. She collaborates with local chefs customizes Cirsea ice cream flavors for them (can you say WildFlour and Cirsea ice cream sandwich?). And she's been making ice cream for her Chinese restaurant Red Orchids in West Ashley for more than a decade. Cirsea also is available for sale by the pint in freezers around town.

Now, she and her husband Tony Chu have opened Betty's Eatery in Mount Pleasant and it's proving to be yet another opportunity to showcase Cirsea's versatility and deliciousness. 

The milkshakes, while not alcoholic, are every bit as indulgent as a milkshake should be. Betty's kicks it up a notch by rimming each one with goodies such as crushed vanilla wafers (banana pudding milkshake), rainbow sprinkles (strawberry), Reese's Pieces (peanut butter-chocolate) and Whoppers (malt milkshake). They are all topped with fresh whipped cream and garnishes that range from malted milk balls to pretzels. 

The first sip of the chocolate brought me back to my childhood with its unadulterated Hershey's chocolate sauce flavor. Kelly says she refused to use anything but Hershey's because it's the flavor she wanted and because it's the most wholesome. Other options proved to have too much sugar and not enough chocolate. 

Betty's Eatery is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week and is at 915 Houston Northcutt Blvd. in the Whole Foods Shopping Center in Mount Pleasant.

— Stephanie Barna 

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