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Striped Pig gin, St. George spiced pear liqueur lemon, honey and rosemary make up the Warthog at Prohibition on Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. Michael Pronzato/ Staff

Cocktail: The Warthog

What is it?

The Warthog is a cocktail developed by Jim McCourt for his fall beverage menu at Prohibition.

In it he incorporates locally distilled gin, homegrown rosemary, and the current trend of charring herbs to add another dimension to a drink’s stratification.

What’s the story?

Prohibition maintains a seasonal approach to its menu and bartender McCourt saw a good fit for the St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur. This Bartlett pear-based liqueur, with its notes of cinnamon and clove, lends complexity to the locally distilled Striped Pig Gin. The gin is distilled using Bowman, South Carolina, corn and provides the essence of lavender and orange to this spirit.

McCourt’s homegrown rosemary, scorched and torched, provides a smoky evergreen aroma.

The cocktail is mellowed with honey and brightened with lemon.

Who’s selling it?


547 King St.

What’s the price?


What’s the flavor?

This cocktail swirls with interesting flavor notes. Fruit-forward pear flavors enhanced with cinnamon and clove spices create the foundation. The gin’s floral lavender balanced with citrus structure works well with the St. George Liqueur.

McCourt uses the sweet and tart of honey and lemon to round out the cocktail before finishing with the charred rosemary.

The Warthog captures the aromas of fall right down to its plume of smoky rosemary.

— Deidre Schipani