Poinsettia cocktail

Poinsettia cocktail at The Glass Onion. Teresa Taylor/Staff

Local Holiday Cocktail: The Poinsettia

What is it?

The Poinsettia is a cocktail created by the team at West Ashley’s Glass Onion Restaurant. It is an homage to a holiday flower, a local horticulturist and locally made Highwire Vodka.

What’s the story?

Joel Poinsett was born in Charleston and distinguished himself in the fields of politics, arts, science and horticulture.

While serving as ambassador to Mexico in the 1820’s, he discovered a colorful plant with red blooms that flowered right in time for Christmas.

He returned to his Charleston greenhouse with cuttings from the plant known as Euphorbia pulcherrima. It was renamed in his honor as the poinsettia and remains among the best-selling potted plants in the United States.

Inspired by history, horticulture and the holidays, owner and executive chef Chris Stewart toast local and home grown with this cocktail.

Who’s selling it?

The Glass Onion

1219 Savannah Highway



What’s the price?

$15 per pitcher

What’s the flavor?

Think of everything you like in a Cosmopolitan and then dress it up for the holiday season with a splash of sparkle from Champagne.

Bitter from the cranberry, sweet and smooth from the Cointreau, balanced with Highwire’s vodka and all holiday buzzy with bubbles from Champagne: Like the holidays, the Poinsettia will not be around forever.