The Macintosh resurrects customer favorites


The Macintosh is so strongly identified with deckle that the third sentence of its website’s “about” page mentions the cut, sometimes called a ribeye cap or second cut of brisket. But the Upper King Street restaurant struck the dish from its menu when beef prices soared.

Next week, though, the deckle is back – along with stone crab gnudi, carrot salad, clam pudding and other customer favorites that have rotated off the ever-changing menu.

While in-flux menus have become fashionable in a dining era when chefs are celebrated for their creativity and ability to respond to ingredient inspiration, the casualty of the trend is the customer who likes knowing what to expect. Eater Charleston yesterday reported that Vietnamese food truck Pink Bellies is standardizing its menu to placate patrons discombobulated by having to check social media for the day’s specials.

And from Jan. 23-Jan. 31, The Macintosh is offering a greatest hits tour of the last four years. Items from the original menu, including hot and sour pork belly soup and braised rabbit with potato cake, are scheduled to return.

Another dish coming back for an encore is brandade with Alabama white sauce. “The kitchen wanted to do something different with the fish trim, so they started (serving) seafood charcuterie to change it up,” spokeswoman Angel Postell says, adding that the fish puree is “one of the favorites of the chefs, servers and guests, so exciting to have back.”

Although the dishes’ stay is temporary, spokeswoman Angel Postell says the restaurant is looking to ultimately restore deckle to it standing menu – if the economy cooperates. Currently, The Macintosh is serving an eight-ounce hanger steak, which comes with a $30 price tag that customers find less daunting.

“The hope is when prices go down, they can serve it more often,” Postell says.

For more information, or to make reservations, visit or call 789-4299.