Writers continue to plumb the depths of Lowcountry cuisine, the latest being Joe Dabney and the new book, "The Food, Folklore, and Art of Lowcountry Cooking" (Cumberland House, $29.99).

The book focuses on the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry and the cross-cultural influences of the English, French, Scottish, Spanish, Irish and Africans on its cooking. It's part history, part anecdotal, part pictorial and includes 130 recipes such as Savannah Stovetop Peanut Brittle and Awendaw Spoon Bread. Regional voices and interesting asides pepper the text.

The book's 22 chapters and 366 pages cover everything from Carolina Gold rice to the Glories of Chicken and end with a number of memorable blessings. Dabney is a native of South Carolina who now lives in Atlanta and is retired from the newspaper and public relations fields. He also authored "Mountain Spirits" and "Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, and Scuppernong Wine," which was honored as Cookbook of the Year by the James Beard Foundation in 1999.