While eating our way through the Lowcountry for The Post and Courier's 2009 Restaurant Guide, we talked a lot about good food. Random things we've enjoyed at restaurants sparkled in our memories — bites savory and sweet, sips hard and soft. Some humble, some fancy.

Distilling our collective taste experiences into a list of a mere 25 was a challenge. For one, eating is so subjective — what one person loves the next person may find average or even unlikable. But we do know this: For every food or drink we declare exceptional, there are scores of others that are just as amazing to someone else. To our 25, we make a bow.

As for yours, please share. Go to postandcourier.com/food and tell us about a favorite restaurant food or beverage — what it is, where you've had it and why it's special. Pass it forward.

Thursday in Preview

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