The Tickler Cocktail

Brad Nettles/Staff

Cocktail: The Tickler

What is it?

The Tickler is a margarita infused with fresh dill syrup. The herb brightens the flavors of a classic margarita and adds savory notes to this tangy cocktail.

What’s the story?

Hilary Curry, a bartender at Cannon Green, developed this twist on a classic margarita. Cannon Green’s pastry chef Beverly Harrell cultivates a garden for the herbs that are used at the restaurant. Curry harvests the dill to infuse a simple syrup used to build the cocktail base.

Curry shares with us: “I love the flavor of dill and how it freshens up dishes. While I typically like to incorporate fresh herbs in my cocktails, I had never used dill before. I think it gives the drink a nice savory element to the classic margarita.”

What's the price?


Who’s selling it?

Cannon Green, A Gathering Common

103 Spring St.


What’s the flavor?

A Cadillac margarita recipe provides the foundation for the addition of the dill syrup and a nice citrus balance of fresh lemon and lime juices. A splash of cognac-based Grand Marnier smooths the edges of the acids of the lemon and lime and the dill (in a simple syrup formula) calms all the flavors for a smooth drink.

Dill originates from the Saxon word to lull, so this is an appropriate attribute to the cocktail.

A “Cadillac” margarita is a top-shelf libation in which premium ingredients and freshly pressed juices create the cocktail.

— Deidre Schipani