Maiz de Fuego

Maiz de Fuego cocktail from The Grocery for Liquid Assets. Brad Nettles/Staff

Maize de Fuego

What is it?

Maiz de Fuego is an egg white cocktail made with reposado (rested) tequila, cilantro simple syrup, amontillado sherry, lime juice, corn stock, and espelette pepper.

What's the story?

Nick Kokonas, a Chicago native and bar manager at The Grocery developed this cocktail for the summer menu.

Kokonas says, “As soon as corn came into season our kitchen started making corn stock to use in some of their new dishes. When I tasted it, I knew the sweet and savory stock would be great when incorporated correctly into a cocktail. The flavor reminded me of the Mexican street food elotes — fire-roasted corn slathered in crema, chiles, cilantro and lime. I used that flavor memory to create a cocktail version of one of my favorite snacks from back home in Chicago”.

What's the price?


Who's selling it?

The Grocery

4 Cannon St.


What's the flavor?

On first sip, you taste a very savory margarita but this drink is couched with an unexpected creaminess, which is the egg white at work.

The corn stock brings sweetness to the cocktail and against this backdrop of sugar, sherry plays out its nutty character. The espelette pepper provides subtle notes of smoke and heat rounding the alcohols to mellowness.

With depth and texture, the lime juice provides the needed acidity to bind the complex nature of this drink for a smooth finish. This “fire corn” cocktail cools the heat on a summer day.

— Deidre Schipani