Bold and the Beautiful: As Thomas and Rick vied for Caroline’s attention, she told them she had decided to stay in Los Angeles. Rick charmed Caroline and they kissed. At a pool party, Hope, who had taken some pills, fell into the pool while horsing around on the diving board. Liam saved Hope, but they argued when he asked her what was wrong and pointed out her erratic behavior of late. Hope admitted that she’s in therapy and has been taking prescription meds. Dr. Barton was confused when Hope said she’s still taking her meds. Donna and Pam were hired for the same receptionist job at Forrester.

Days of Our Lives: E.J. arrived at the DiMera mansion just as Billie found some hidden documents. E.J., who had no knowledge of the documents, was stunned to learn that Stefano had rigged the mayoral election and that Stefano had framed John for embezzlement. E.J. admitted to Nicole that it was his idea to frame John to prove he could run the DiMera “family business.” E.J. worried when the embezzlement money, which he had hidden, was missing. Stefano tried to stop John and Hope from leaving Alemania after discovering they had stolen a gold coin hidden in the Anastasia Egg and replaced it with a fake. Agent Spencer put John and Hope on a private jet back to Salem. Marlena was upset to learn that John is working with the ISA to bring down Stefano. Hope visited a comatose Bo, who moved his hand when she spoke to him. Stefano vowed revenge after learning that Kate had slept with Ian.

General Hospital: Sam didn’t tell Jason that she knows that he and Franco are twin brothers. She also didn’t tell Jason that because his and Franco’s DNA could be the same, Franco could still be the father of her baby. John gave Sam a sample of Franco’s DNA that he got from the FBI lab so she can use it for another test on her baby. Sam panicked when Heather threatened to tell Jason that Sam knows Franco and Jason are twins. Dante, Carly, Johnny, Tracy, Michael and Starr testified at the start of Sonny’s trial for the deaths of Cole and Hope. When Kate took the stand, she announced that her name is “Connie.” Kate walked out on a shrink session with Ewen when he advised her to voluntarily admit herself to a mental hospital to get rid of her alter ego. Heather, who thinks she will win Luke, schemed to break up his relationship with Anna. Spinelli, who is still looking for Lisa’s killer, began to suspect Kate (Connie).

Young and the Restless: Billy returned from a California trip and learned that Chelsea was missing. Abby and Billy headed for Lake Concord, one of Chelsea’s haunts. At the frozen lake, Adam rescued a hypothermic Chelsea and got her to a cabin. Adam helped Chelsea deliver her baby, a boy, and was able to get the baby to breathe. Adam left to call for help just before Victoria, via helicopter, arrived at the cabin. Adam arrived at the cabin but didn’t go inside when he saw Billy and Victoria with Chelsea and the baby. Later at the hospital, Victoria worried that Chelsea would change her mind about letting her and Billy raise the baby, but Chelsea handed the baby over to them. Unaware Genevieve had overheard him, Jack told Nikki that he would marry Genevieve in exchange for Beauty of Nature and when the papers were signed he would divorce her. Genevieve said she would consider Tucker’s offer to buy Beauty of Nature from her.

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